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Paul Ryan on Obama: Antithetical to the American Idea

As you have probably heard, Republican Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, called out Obama and leftist ideology in a speech at the Heritage Foundation. Our friend Haystack has posted a piece on the speech. You can read it here.

In the days after the speech, Ryan has been making the rounds discussing the speech and the proper role of government. Appearing on FOX with Greta Wednesday and then this evening (11-27) on Mark Levin’s radio show, Ryan didn’t back up one bit, continuing to go after the president for his divisive remarks. Ryan points out how different Obama, 2011 is from his “one” country campaign rhetoric in 2008. There’s been precious little of the healing Obama promised back then.

I’ve put together some of Ryan’s remarks in the following video:

Paul Ryan is a very smart man and very good at expressing himself. You probably remember the video the Democrats made after Ryan presented his budget earlier this year. Could it have been more ridiculous . . . Ryan pushing grandma in a wheelchair off of a cliff.

Ryan is a young man with fresh ideas. The Democrats have nothing but worn out lies and class warfare. It got them nothing on election day 2010. The Democrat Party is right to be in a panic about 2012.

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