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Here There Be Dragons

That’s how the coastal waters of America’s shores were labeled on maps in the days of Christopher Columbus. No continent, no shore, no refuge from the tyranny of “The Old World.” Just dragons.

It’s also how the maps of the 2012 election are labeled and Herman Cain’s ship crossed that boundary, nothing ahead but uncharted seas and dragons.

RS McCain explains more

Karl Rove went on the Fox News “America’s Newsroom” show Monday morning to explain that recent gaffes by Herman Cain have created the perception that the Atlanta businessman is “not up to the task” as a Republican presidential candidate. Rove used a whiteboard to illustrate his verdict on Cain’s inadequacy, citing polls as evidence that the Tea Party-backed candidate had “peaked” Oct. 6-10 and telling host Martha MacCallum that the impression created by Cain’s gaffes was “really deadly.”
Republican voters evidently aren’t in much of a mood to take advice from Karl Rove these days, because scarcely had the former top Bush strategist pronounced Cain’s doom than new polls showed the GOP front-runner still going strong. A CBS/New York Times poll released Tuesday had Cain leading former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by four points (25%-21%) and, as if to put an exclamation point on the refutation of Rove’s verdict, a Fox News poll released Wednesday showed Cain with the same four-point margin (24%-20%) over Romney. Both of those polls were taken after the Oct. 19 debate in Las Vegas and the Fox poll was taken after Cain had spent several days embroiled in a controversy over his views on abortion.

The dragons that rule these uncharted seas are the Tea Partiers. Not the supposed Tea Party Organizations, but the millions of individual Americans who have heard the siren call of their Nation and are awakening to the dangers our political leaders are driving us into. The Tea Parties are comprised of millions of leaderless individuals with nothing but their love of Country and their common sense to steer their course. Obama and the lying Democrats won’t get their vote, the establishment GOP won’t get their vote, a truly conservative candidate will. Especially a truly conservative candidate like Herman Cain, who has never been contaminated by the caustic gasses emanated by the swamps of Washington DC.

We won’t swallow the “inevitability” of Romney, or fall for Newt’s slickly presented knowledge, Huntsman and the other RINOs never made a splash in uncharted waters. They’re minnows in an ocean of dragons, it’s only a matter of time.

Read the rest of The Other McCain’s article, good stuff there, just what a dragon needs to keep its scales strong and glistening while it guards its treasure of liberty. Then leave your cave and find your local GOP meeting, become a Precinct Committeeman, help with GOTV, take OUR Party back from the RINOs. Dragons consider RINOs a tasty snack.

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Sounds kind of dangerous, but a heady, exhilarating kind of dangerous. Wonder if a big chunk of the 18-34 crowd might have nothing to lose and be tantalized at the prospect of a brave new world of unbridled capitalistic adventure? I hear there’s a couple trillion sitting out there waiting to be released if the turnout in 2012 is big enough.


Where did you find a map with Spike’s likeness…

Dragons also like to nosh on rapists, drug dealers and pedophiles on top of liberals and rinos.