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Lindsey Graham Sings the Blues

There’s this new “poll” you see, fresh from NY Times/CBS News that shows Congressional approval at 9%. You know that is really tough on a RINO and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham is mighty blue over the horrible news. Yeah, with the country in tatters and spending its way toward bankruptcy, poor Lindsey frets over approval ratings. Partisanship is a beeoch.

“It’s so bad sometimes I tell people I’m a lawyer,” the South Carolina Republican told POLITICO on Wednesday. “I don’t want to be associated with a body that in the eyes of your fellow citizens seems to be dysfunctional. It matters to me.”

Hey Lindsey, why don’t you try standing for something besides bi-partisanship? Something like repealing Obamacare? Seriously, at least then you might curry the favor of constitutional conservatives. Haven’t you learned that’s there’s nothing in the middle of the road but roadkill?

More from Politico:

While Congress has never been a popular institution in the eyes of the public, 2011’s nasty partisan battles between the GOP-controlled House and Democratic-led Senate – compounded with the $14 trillion-plus national debt and stubbornly high unemployment rate — seem to have only made matters worse.

It is unlikely that the U.S. economy will get much better before voters go to the polls next November, meaning each party will aggressively make the case that the other is to blame. That means more partisan wrangling.

Dammit. More partisan wrangling ahead. What’s it gonna be Lindsey? Pills or pistol?

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