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Ohio Unions Want Their State Back, By Hook or By Crook

In 2006 and 2008, with the able assistance of then Secretary of State Project alum, Jennifer Brunner, public unions took over the state of Ohio, top to bottom.

In 2010, the people of Ohio said, loud and clear, they want this situation reversed, and the state to be returned to We the People. That was Senate Bill 5, which did in Ohio pretty much what Scott Walker and the Republican legislature did in Wisconsin.

On November 8th, one year after that shellacking, Ohio unions have returned to reclaim the state as their own, with a referendum, Issue 2.

It’s a big deal. To all of us.

I don’t need to tell you how important this referendum is to the unions, both AFL-CIO and public employees unions. And I also don’t need to tell you how the unions have tacitly agreed that their thug tactics in Wisconsin failed miserably.

So this time it’s back to Democrat Playbook 1.0, getting signatures, at which they are very good. Unions could walk into a first grade classroom and come out with a thousand adult signatures, a graveyard, even more. That’s how good they are are.

So don’t trust the current polls which show an 8-point majority favoring repeal.

What’s at stake is this:

The entire state of Ohio was securely in the union and Democrat camp until Senate Bill 5 passed earlier this year. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner had secured this power for them in the 2006 and 2008 elections, with a series of questionable registration and absentee-early voting tactics, which also were repealed with Senate Bill 5.

They don’t intend to let Ohio go. It’s theirs.

Today, unlike earlier times, both American guy-unions, (AFL-CIO) and skirt-unions (SEIU, Government Employees) are fully socialist-communist at the top. They helped engineer the fascist-communist-Islamic radical takeovers in Egypt and Tunisia. And probably Libya (time will tell.)

They are truly part of the international communist labor movement, a fact which is slow to sink in with their rank and file, who still love this country, believe in individual freedom, and even have kids in the military.

So, this referendum in Ohio is a power play to first, show the union membership just how well they can broadcast power, as a way to say, “Better stick with a winning team, pal.”  Secondly it’s a thumb in the eye of We the People of Ohio that no, Ohio is still ours, not yours, so don’t think you can send legislators to Columbus to change that fact. As long as we have access to popular vote, and our awesome power to raise the dead to vote for our cause, you lose.

Bottom line, the unions need to show they can keep by hook or by crook what they got by hook and crook in 2008.

I’m told that polling shows the unions winning this vote by about 8 points, with only two weeks to go.

I’m also told that conventional wisdom says that Ohio voters don’t pay much attention to off-year elections, and won’t bother to vote, while the unions have spent millions, (see LaborUnionReport’s piece at UP) in slick media to make the Yes-No vote more confusing, except for the Cleveland welfare queen, who will walk into the voting booth with a ten-spot wadded in her hand, mumbling to herself, “Vote No, Vote No, Vote No”.

Also on the ballot alongside this Issue 2 referendum is Issue 3, which is an amendment to the Ohio Constitution prohibiting Obamacare to be forced on the people of Ohio. That too should be an easy Yes vote, and an additional reason for good citizens to show up and vote.

The elections of 2006 and 2008 weren’t conventional, for there wasn’t just massive voter fraud, but massive changes in voting laws making a lot of voter fraud “legal” such as same day voting-registration, dropping proof of residency, allowing students to vote both in-state and back home.

2010 wasn’t a conventional election in showing the people’s reaction to these union takeovers. And we know 2012 isn’t going to be either. Most of us are just itching to get our next run at the ballot box next year.

Well, the people of Ohio will get that run at the ballot box this year. And if they aren’t chomping at the bit, and if our side isn’t getting the message out, knocking on doors, or every time they greet a friend, whisper “Don’t forget to Vote Yes Tuesday”…then they deserve what they’ll get.

Let’s get out the vote, folks. This is a hostile takeover in play here, and all you have to do is show up and say Yes to your governor.


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