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Ron Paul Gets Whacked On His Lie About Rush, Hannity And Mark Levin

Ron Paul was being interviewed by one of his Paulites, and it is clear they aren’t wrapped in the flag of victory with the wars we fight to keep America free. I am one of those who believe that you must make others pay a heavy and brutal price for even thinking about attacking America or Americans. I supported both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Iraq, because I am smart enough to play chess and you have to be in foreign wars. America is too far away from the Middle East to effectively fight the Jihadists, and it made sense to have a base for operations there.

Nonetheless, getting back to Ron Paul, who seems to think he is the only “fiscal” conservative in the world. The reality is, he is stuck on the gold standard, of which there is not enough of it in the whole world to cover the kind of money America is dealing in today. We wouldn’t have a desire for the gold standard if the Democrats in 2006 hadn’t exploded the national debt with both President Bush, and then, Obama. Ron Paul has consistently said he would have the Fed down before his committee every day, he hasn’t. He said he would investigate them, he hasn’t. Ron Paul has had almost 11 months to bring the Fed to heel and he hasn’t. Ron Paul is exactly like every other politician, he says one thing and does another. This is what Paul was asked and his response: Hey Ron Paul People, Please, Hold Him To The Same Standard You Hold All Other Candidates.

Q: Do you think radio talk show people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin fear that you’re making them obsolete because your views reveal them as the statists they are?

A: I think that if I gain influence it’s an embarrassment to them because they’re not really limited-government people yet they make their livelihood fooling the people into thinking they’re the real leaders of limited government. And when you look at it we find out that they haven’t been.


Ron Paul shows up on Hannity’s show and is “unexpectedly” asked about the above question and answer, Hannity calls him out. Ron Paul should be ashamed. Hannity, Rush and Levin ALL were as vocal as We The People were about the spending under Bush. They were right there when Bush tried to pass amnesty and We The People shut down the Senate phones and ended that travesty. They were all there when TARP was proposed and they all said what We The People said, HELL NO. Those three talk radio CONSERVATIVES have been honest and trustworthy and consistent in their conservationism. I know the Left likes to pretend that We The People don’t hold Republicans accountable, but for Ron Paul (who, in my opinion is down in the toilet bowl, along with the Left, in his ideologies) to lie is unacceptable! It is ridiculous. He apologized to Hannity, but Rush and Levin deserve an apology as well.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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