Ohio Issue 2 up for vote on Nov. 8, 2011


On November 8th, Issue 2 will be on the ballot in Ohio.

Very simply, the decision Ohio voters will be making is as follows:
  • A YES yote allows Governor Kasich’s collective bargaining reform (SB 5) to go into effect
  • A NO vote essentially returns collective bargaining power to the unions.
Unions are spending millions to defeat Issue 2 and right now, it appears (based on polls) they are winning.
Why it’s important: 
  • Ohio is a big battleground state.
  • If the unions win, they will be emboldened going into 2012. A loss for them will be a huge setback for them.
  • Pre-market meltdown, Ohio had $46.5 billion in unfunded liabilities (retiree pension and healthcare). It is higher now.
What is needed:
For you twitter gods:
  • Tweets to encourage people to GOTV
  • Tweets on Issue 2 related posts (see below), with a push to GOTV
  • Phone banking: Building for a Better Ohio has info here to help: https://betterohio.org/volunteercenters

Posts (as/if you have time)

Frankly, at this point, anything urging GOTV is crucial.  However, for background, Jason Hart has been doing a phenomenal job writing on the topic. Here is his twitter acct https://twitter.com/#!/jasonahart Even RT’ing his posts would be good.
Here are some posts (Jason’s, et al) that you may find useful:
This is a good resource (if you need background):
Again, since this will likely have an impact on 2012, the more you can do the better.

If you do a post or tweet, please post it as a comment here so others can RT (or link) it.
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