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Zucotti Park: A Major Strain Of Liberalitis

I am glad the question of who and why Zuccotti Park was chosen was answered, I have wondered how it has come to be that a miscreant group of animals found their way to this public park and how it is they have come to stay. It is always the answer to follow the money. If there is one thing you can learn about absolutely anything with politics attached, it is from where and who that money sprang from and you will have the answer. That is indeed the case with Zucotti Park, it appears it is a mish/mash of rich people who have liberalitis, a very strong strain of a disease of anti-Americanism. I and you will joke about this disease but it can be fatal to America if We The People do not stand up and fight it with every ounce of our God given life-force. However, back to Zucotti Park, the reason the unwashed (literally) masses have assembled there and continue to be allowed to destroy it is because of the complete circle of Democrats who own a slice of it or who work on behalf of those Democrats. You get Joe Biden’s son, a girlfriend of Mayor Bloomberg and the ultimate prize an actual recipient of stimulus money, a New Hampshire “Solyndra” if you will. Yes, once again, we have an Obama bundler, who is worth billions, getting our hard earned tax dollars for a “green” company, he started just for the cash, it appears Election Sign For Obama “If You Want Some Stimulus $$$$, Bundle Money for Me

The 74-year-old Zuccotti is co-chairman of the board of the $3.2 billion dollar Brookfield Properties, a multi-billion dollar real estate development firm.

Mr. Zuccotti has longstanding ties to parks and city government as 40 years ago he was a paid, part-time member of the city planning commission and in the mid-1970s was appointed deputy mayor of New York City.

Additionally, Brookfield Properties has links to city government — Diana Taylor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s frequent companion, sits on the Brookfield Board of Directors co-chaired by Zuccotti. (To be fair and accurate, Ms. Taylor is more than just the mayor’s girlfriend. She happens to be an accomplished businessperson with an impressive resume that includes high-ranking positions in banking and a large utility company.)

And then there are the financial connections between Brookfield Properties and the Obama Administration.

The Union Leader of New Hampshire reported that the Obama administration has backed a local wind farm (tied to Brookfield) with taxpayer dollars. The title of the story, “A NH Solyndra? Wind farm gets fed loan” leads one to believe that the project is probably on shaky financial footing. The Union Leader connects the dots from the White House to Brookfield and then, in the wake of the Solyndra bankruptcy, questions the financial wisdom of this loan.

Why would a company created by a $3.2 billion company and backed by a $2.7 billion private fund need federal loan guarantees? That would be an important question at any time, but it is more pertinent after the bankruptcy of Solyndra, a solar-panel maker that got a $535 million federal loan guarantee from the Obama administration last year.

Why would a company created by a $3.2 billion dollar company and backed by a $2.7 billion private fund need federal loan guarantees? because the whole global warming scam is a lie and none of these companies were meant to make money or product, they are write-offs for billion dollar companies on their taxes without having to lose their own money. They take the loans, they destroy the company, they use it as a write off and their owed taxes are diminished on the backs of the American taxpayer. It is is all rather simple, when the truth comes out, and the truth is there but the Democrats count on the media wing of their Party, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times, Washington Post to “hide” it for them.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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