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Socialism/Communism 101: How The Leaders Live

The Americans who are constantly screaming about “sharing the wealth” and how awesome it would be if we were a socialist/Communist Country, never and I mean never tell you “who” will be in “charge” of others. They never seem to get to the fact that someone, many someone’s will be at the top of that socialist/Communist food chain, dispersing that confiscated wealth. What is hilarious is that you can see by those who call themselves socialists and you can see by the leaders of the Communist Country’s that indeed there is still a top and bottom food chain. I guess it is egotism and or more sinisterly the narcissism of those who are trying to sell Americans on the benefits of such an ideology that propels Obama for one, the Democrats as a Party for two and all of their leftist followers to continue to take us down this path. Those at the top will still be nasty and hateful with the way they live, the only difference will be that the middle class and the potential to get rich will have been taken away from Americans.

Strauss Kahn, the guy who was accused of rape in New York is the perfect example of a “leader” in the Socialist Movement, he lived like a pig, but a rich pig, he stayed in the finest hotels, he ate the finest foods and drank the finest alcohol and moved amongst the movers and shakers of various Country’s who are indeed Socialist/Communist/Marxist as well, who enjoyed all the finery he did. The difference for those Country’s and America? the poor were still extremely poor and suffering, the difference between the living standards of Kahn and the poor in France? they don’t live in (nor ever visit) a 5-star hotel, they live in tenements, they don’t drive or are driven around in limousines, they are on trains, unless they are walking, they are not having hookers brought to their rooms, no they are cramped inside their tenements, on government money, hoping to make it another day and the government is praying (though secular) that the whole scheme doesn’t devolve into anarchy, because the masses are waking up. You See Little Darhlings, The Rich May Have Their Money Confiscated But The “Leaders” Will Keep The Confiscated Money And They Will Spend It, Not You

Lille police chief Jean-Christophe Lagarde, who was detained by police on Thursday for questioning as part of the pimping probe, allegedly attended evenings at a luxury Paris hotel along with prostitutes and Strauss-Kahn.

According to Le Figaro, David Roquet, head of a subsidiary of construction giant Eiffage, paid part of the tab from the Paris hotel sex soirees, billing his company with invoices marked with Strauss-Kahn’s initials “DSK”.

Police have also questioned another Lille businessman, identified as Fabrice P., who is also suspected of paying a part of the bill.

According to Roquet’s testimony to police, cited by Le Figaro, “Fabrice P. told me that we would dine with Mr Strauss-Kahn and that he would like me to bring girlfriends, meaning prostitutes.”

The first encounters took place at the L’Aventure club-restaurant in Paris in March 2009, where the men started having sex with the women before moving on to the luxury Morano hotel, he said.

Two other similar encounters allegedly took place in 2010. Relating one of the evenings, Roquet said he, Lagarde, Fabrice P. and Strauss-Kahn “went to a hotel, the Murano.”

“We ate in the room and then we had paid-for sexual relations. We each had our girlfriend, I was with Jade, DSK also had his girlfriend and there were other people.”

Roquet, who was on October 14 charged with pimping, said that Strauss-Kahn had not paid for anything. Eiffage on Friday said they had suspended Roquet with a view to dismissal, pending an investigation.

Roquet said that the group went to “visit the IMF” in Washington in May 2011 because “we were invited by DSK.”

Asked who paid for the plane tickets, Roquet said: “I did, with the agreement of my boss. It cost me between 3,000 and 4,000 euros,” Liberation quoted him as telling police, without elaborating on who the “boss” was.

I am not Harvard or Yale educated and I don’t play what if games in my life, however, those up at those colleges who teach this “spread the wealth” game, a very dangerous game for the masses of freedom loving Americans, will always “assume” they will be the one’s running that Socialist/Communist/Marxist scheme, however history shows they are always the first to be killed in such a hostile takeover of a Country. The educated elite, the news stations and their “journalists” who have helped the elite get the reins of power over the masses will be the first to be removed to jails and most likely death to keep those masses ignorant and working. It seems incredulous to this American that socialists have gotten this far in America, but hardly surprised that they are using the human emotion of envy to get to this point.

This is America, this is your generations time to turn back the hands of the Socialist/Communist/Marxists who have grabbed both the Presidency and the government levers of power. It is up to you to say no to this fantasy, it is up to you to educate those around you to the dangers inherent in those ideologies and to show how time and again in history it has failed and that it always hurts the middle classes and destroys the poor and enriches those poltiicians at the top. The enriching isn’t the scary part though, the power over human life is, I think you can look at Cuba and Valenzuela today for examples of where they want America to go.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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