The Grim Reaper Wins Again; Documents Shredded In Kansas Case

Posted by on October 22, 2011 4:29 am
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So the Planned Parenthood case that would show once and for all that they are nothing more then an abortion mill and not a “women’s health center” looks done, due to shredding of documents in Kansas City. It appears the documents that would have proven their guilt were shredded when Kathleen Sebelius was still Governor. I have written extensively in the past about the blood cult known as Planned Parenthood, there is nothing that group of bloodsuckers won’t do to ensure they suck a baby out of the womb of a woman.

Planned Parenthood will fight until the stake goes in their vampire hearts to obtain the souls of the innocent for their organization and knowing that the documents were destroyed purposefully to continue on with their macabre practice known as abortion (murdering entirely innocent Americans) is of no surprise to me. The more we find out about how early babies hearts are beating the quicker their evil hearts beat at getting another soul. They are the 21st Century equivalent to Bram Stokers Dracula They Will Not Have Their Blood Thirst Denied

Peter Brownlie, president of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said the latest turn was another instance of the state bungling a case initiated by Kline when he was Kansas attorney general from 2003 to 2007.

“Our contention all along has been there is no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing,” Brownlie said. “I believe this leaves the district attorney in a position where he has no evidence, period.”

Abortion opponents were so stunned by the latest revelation that they hard to time articulating their reaction.

“Unbelievable,” said Mary Kay Culp, executive director of Kansans for Life.

“We don’t believe for one second this was anything but purposefully done to protect the abortion industry.”

The shredding occurred when KDHE was under former Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, an abortion rights supporter. Officials at KDHE, now part of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration, declined comment.

The destroyed records were critical in establishing the authenticity of records from 2003 that Kline obtained when he investigated Planned Parenthood as attorney general. Planned Parenthood also provided copies of the records, but Kline contended that those did not match the ones he had in his possession.

In 2007, after he became Johnson County prosecutor, Kline filed a 107-count complaint against the abortion provider.

In addition to the 23 felonies, the complaint also charged Planned Parenthood with multiple misdemeanor counts of failing to maintain the pregnancy termination reports, failing to perform viability tests on fetuses and unlawful late-term abortions.

Prosecutors contended that Planned Parenthood had not kept the documents five years as required by law and falsified copies to cover it up.

The current Johnson County district attorney, Steve Howe, picked up the case after he defeated Kline in the 2008 Republican primary and went on to win the general election.

Howe declined comment on the case Friday. It was unclear when he discovered that the records were destroyed. He subpoenaed them last month, according to a response filed Friday by Planned Parenthood.

You think my descriptors were over the top? so is murdering potential future President’s of the United States of America. America will truly be free again when the scourge of abortion is ended. This “lawful” practice of government murder against innocent human beings is truly like living in the Middle Ages.

5 responses to The Grim Reaper Wins Again; Documents Shredded In Kansas Case

  1. Lady Penguin October 22nd, 2011 at 8:48 am

    Fitting description, Jaded. Vampires and the darkness surrounding the abortion industry. If the truth ever gets out there about the killing machines Planned Parenthood runs, the people of this country will be shocked. That’s why PP cries foul if the images of their dirty deeds get made public. Americans, at heart, are not a murderous people.

    • JadedByPolitics October 22nd, 2011 at 1:42 pm

      the descriptors are indeed on point for this blood thirsty bunch, if I knew someone who worked at the abortion mills I could never be a friend to a butcher!

  2. Mike gamecock DeVine October 22nd, 2011 at 10:37 am

    There should be a federal investigation of this matter.

    • JadedByPolitics October 22nd, 2011 at 1:41 pm

      There should be GC but it won’t be UNTIL we get an actual prolife CONSERVATIVE in the White House 🙂

      • Mike gamecock DeVine October 22nd, 2011 at 2:23 pm

        Most likely yes. But Republicans in Kansas state government and even private citizens could also take action under certain statutes, state and federal.

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