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Turning the Table on Harry Reid’s $35B Embedded Lies

Call it the Mismanagement Recovery Act.

Harry Reid is throwing another Hail Mary pass by bringing up the “Aid to States” portion of Obama’s jobs bill today for a vote today.

This is what Obama and Biden have been on the stump for the past three days talking about, a $35 billion grant to states to hire back laid off police, firemen and teachers. It will be paid for by a tax increase on millionaires.

Failure to pass this bill will cause rape and murder to rise, Joe Biden has stated twice now, backed up by old Senate pal Dick Durbin, even as crime statistics, recent crime statistics, continue to drop.

Reid promises to offer one a week of these kinds of bills, pulled piecemeal from Obama’s larger $465 billion jobs bill.

Of course the bill will not pass, but as Pilgrim reported here in September, when the President was talking about the “do-nothing” Congress then, at that time the House had passed and sent to the Senate for passage twelve (12) bills having to do with jobs creations and the economy, and not one of them had been allowed to come up for a vote by Senator Reid.

But Republicans did not bend over backwards to report this untruth to the American people.

Reid simply wants to return the favor, by sending a load of bills to the House which they either will vote down or refuse to bring up.

Reid’s thinking on this, and he may be right, that with the help of the media, the Republicans will squirm more than the craven Democrats ever would. The GOP hates bad press even when its false, for they’ve never really figured out how to deal with black lies and still maintain their membership card in the Democrat (oops) Senate Health Club.

Since several serious lies…to the people…are embedded in this Aid to States package, the GOP leadership needs to get out in front of this now, and let the people of the several “beneficiary” states know what this package really does.

First, it provides the money to hire back cops, firemen and teachers for one year only!

So in essence it imposes a permanent $35 billion tax hike on already strapped cities, counties and states to keep those people employed. Those new taxes will be imposed locally, via property taxes, etc. Local folks should be happy to hear about that.

Second, although for a one-year fix only to the states, the tax hike on millionaires is forever, giving the Congress an additional $35B to play with in coming years.

Third, if you will look hard you will see that the majority of laid off teachers, cops and firemen are in cities that have been mismanaged by Democrat hacks for a generation at least.

Not one thin dime will go to well-managed (mostly Republican) cities and counties, and you can bet up to 50% of the money will never go to teachers, cops and firemen, either.

This should be an answer as to just what kinds of cities and counties are laying off cops, firemen, and teachers in the first place. In all likelihood, millions in useless front office bureaucrats should be cut first.

Also, as we saw in Wisconsin, many of those budget shortages that bring about layoffs are because of fully funded pensions and benefits. Maybe a 2%-5% pickup of costs by members could provide the savings to hire back all those laid off people in the first case.

This seems to be the case in Ohio, so are you listening, Gov Kasich?

If Republicans have the courage to hit Reid and the Democrats right in the chops with these embedded lies, maybe they’ll see they gain no leverage whatsoever in trying to fool everyone all the time.


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