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Yes He Cain! Herman Cain Is Leading In Iowa

I find Scott Rasmussen to be one of the more accurate pollsters because he polls LIKELY voters and not “adults” – when you poll “adults” you get idiots who agree with the Democrats but cannot pull themselves out of bed to vote. Nonetheless, you know why Herman does well, even after so many in the “elite” blogosphere believed he had lost? Because We The People like that he is not a politician, that he doesn’t sit back and contemplate his words (in order to lie), and that he actually tells the truth. The biggest thing that Herman Cain has going for him is that he has been able to wake up Americans about the real problems with our current system of taxation. The American people are realizing they don’t like 70K pages of taxes, and that they certainly don’t like companies like General Electric, who have K Street lobbyists to get them tax “breaks” and get out of paying taxes, while middle class Americans carry the tax burden. I thank him for leading on this issue, and thank him for staying true to himself and to America. He is the citizen legislator that I was looking for when the TEA Party sprang up in 2009. He has my support because I don’t need another politician destroying or prolonging the destruction of America.

It is the supposedly “smart” politicians in both Parties who have led us down this path to destruction. A genuine, traditional American can do the job in the White House; and a wise man knows how to chose advisers who will help him in areas that he lacks expertise. Anyone who says that a regular American cannot be President because of the “dangers” we face, obviously doesn’t understand how America came to be and what she stands for!

Rasmussen Poll Of Likely Caucus Goers Has Cain Leading

This isn’t supposed to be happening. All I’ve been hearing for the past two weeks is how “unserious” Cain is because he has no organization in Iowa, “where turnout models and organization matter more than anything.”

Republicans in the state say the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO has been completely absent since the Ames Straw Poll in mid-August and while the other candidates have focused on infrastructure and identifying their supporters, Cain has not done any of the things necessary to win the caucuses.

“He’s not locking up any primary support. Polls are just a number,” said Robinson. “He needs to have identified supporters he can communicate with. He has nothing; he has no idea who his supporters are.”

Well, ha. He may not have any idea who his supporters are, but they know who he is, and that’s really all that matters, isn’t it?

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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