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Guideline For the Primary Season

The dates for the primaries and caucuses are tentative dates, but it is fixed for now as to whether they are “closed” for Republicans only, or not. This is something we should pay close attention to at this time. As I said in another article, it is preferable to see Republican only primary voters determine who will be the Republican nominee in the General Election. In my opinion this should include other races besides the presidential ticket.

There are Republican establishment incumbents who prefer not to face Republican only voters in the primaries. The only way that I believe this is going to change is if Cold Warrior’s Precinct Committeeman Project is successful, and conservative grassroots Republicans occupy a majority of the Republican precinct slots so that they become the Republican establishment.

Delaware has a closed primary process that selected Christine O’Donnell as their nominee for the US Senate in 2010. There are some establishment Republicans who give this as an example of why an open primary is better. I see it differently. The major problem in Delaware in 2010 was the complete abandonment of Christine by the Delaware Republican Party. Why are they holding down an office in the Republican Party of Delaware if they oppose the Republican nominee? The same questions can be asked about Republican Party officials in Alaska.

Once upon a time the conventional wisdom was that the party whose nominee was elected President was the nominee who won the New Hampshire primary. But the migration of people moving from one state to another has had a significant effect on primary race outcomes. It is simply no longer true. If it was true, then in 1992 Paul Tsongas would have become President, in 2000 John McCain would have become President, and in 2008 Hillary Clinton would have become President.

Below are tables that are sorted by date and by a “closed” to Republicans only or “open.” I did this so we can see if there are any differences in determining who is the winner. I do realize that there are cultural differences between those in Mississippi harvesting shrimp and those in Maine harvesting lobsters. Nevertheless, I still want to look at results from this perspective. I’ve only included everything thru March because in the past, the ultimate nominee for the party has been determined by the time 60% of the delegates have been decided.

Before Super Tuesday the ones for Republicans only

Date State Winner
Tuesday 3 January 2012 Iowa Romney
Tuesday 31 January 2012 Florida
Saturday 4 February 2012 Nevada
Saturday 4 February 2012 Maine
Tuesday 7 February 2012 Colorado
Tuesday 28 February 2012 Arizona
Tuesday 28 February 2012 Michigan
Saturday 25 February 2012 American Samoa
Saturday 25 February 2012 Northern Marianas
Saturday 3 March 2012 Washington

Before Super Tuesday the open ones

Date State Winner
Tuesday 10 January 2012 New Hampshire Romney
Saturday 21 January 2012 South Carolina
Tuesday 7 February 2012 Minnesota
Sunday 26 February 2012 Puerto Rico

Super Tuesday the ones for Republicans only

Date State Winner
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Oklahoma
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Idaho
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Wyoming
Tuesday 6 March 2012 North Dakota
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Alaska

Super Tuesday the open ones

Date State Winner
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Texas
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Georgia
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Ohio
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Tennessee
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Virginia
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Massachusetts
Tuesday 6 March 2012 Vermont

After Super Tuesday the ones for Republicans only

Date State Winner
Saturday 10 March 2012 Kansas
Saturday 10 March 2012 Guam
Saturday 10 March 2012 Virgin Islands
Tuesday 13 March 2012 Hawaii
Saturday 17 March 2012 Missouri
Saturday 24 March 2012 Louisiana

After Super Tuesday the open ones

Date State Winner
Tuesday 13 March 2012 Alabama
Tuesday 13 March 2012 Mississippi
Tuesday 20 March 2012 Illinois

I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.


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