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Marxist Hick Law Professor Wants Your Vote; You Hicks!

Elizabeth Warren saying she is a hick, is like saying she is down-home, there nothing down-home about the Marxist, Elizabeth Warren. The woman loves Mao and of course she would; Marxists want full and total control of your life, you hicks. If the people of MA decide that they want this Marxist to go along with Bernie Sanders the self proclaimed Socialist, it really says more about the Northeast part of the country, than it does about our Country as a whole. I believe she can win in Massachusetts and it is a sad day for America that people with a Marxist/Socialist/Communist ideology have been able to achieve office in among the highest levels of government and power. I am ashamed that my Country has gotten so far off the Freedom path. American Hater, Freedom Hater

“I’m a new category, an elite hick,” said Warren, on the “Left Ahead” podcast. “I don’t even know what to say about that one,” she said, laughing.

Hot Mike Ball then came back to the word “hick,” saying he had been called that in his lifetime too.

“If you’re going to be in the Senate, and we would like you to, as a fellow person who was born in Oklahoma and raised in West Virginia, I’ve been called a hick myself a lot. I’ve got to say I’d love to see you in office,” said Ball.

“I’m going for the hick vote here,” Warren answered. “I just want you to know. Maybe we could start wearing stickers that say ‘Hicks for Elizabeth’ – could we do that?” she asked.

The fact that she uses the word “hick” speaks to her elitism. If you all have a scintilla of loving your Country left in MA, you will send this Marxist back to Harvard and regain your senses!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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