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Meet Jeff Fitzgerald US Senate Candidate in Wisconsin

In 2012, Wisconsin is a battleground state that the GOP needs to win to become the majority. There are five GOP candidates for the US Senate seat, and more running for this open seat currently held by the Democrat incumbent, Herb Kohl. I like Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald over the others.

Jeff Fitzgerald’s statement:

Common sense reforms combined with unwavering leadership create results that are as desperately needed as they are rare. In Wisconsin I led the Assembly to a balanced budget in face of fierce opposition from the status quo. I would be honored to lead a new reform movement in Washington.

Any candidate can promise to change a system, to balance a budget, or to enact a pro-growth, job creating agenda. Few can actually say they’ve done it and none so dramatically or recently as we did in Wisconsin.

You don’t recruit more than 100 candidates or raise the kind of money necessary to win that large of a victory without putting the miles on the odometer or making the connections necessary to win a statewide race. There is no doubt that this will be a grassroots lead effort and I think the timing is perfect for just this kind of campaign to win.

While the specific reforms may differ, the lessons we learned in Wisconsin can, and should be applied to the federal government. Spending less than government takes in once seemed liked an impossible task, but I just lead the Assembly through a gauntlet of opposition to a truly balanced budget. If we can do it in Wisconsin, we can do it in DC.

Since he has just announced, his website provides little more than a place to make a donation. This is a high profile person who is well known, especially in Wisconsin. As state and local governments continue to go from being in debt to having a surplus, the achievements by Governor Walker and the Republicans in the statehouse, will eventually be appreciated – more than they are now. In many of my previous columns regarding US Senate races/candidates, my candidate was the one less well known. The recent victories in Wisconsin are why I favor the more well known candidate. Jeff Fitzgerald is a serious and genuine conservative who will form a terrific team with Ron Johnson in the US Senate.

I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.


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