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The Exasperation Of Tax Paying Americans

Checking the headlines this morning on Instapundit and Drudge and line after line is this insanity of white privileged college students and unions expecting something for nothing. I also see that the head of Greece is begging the people (the unions) for calm as they have to make the tough choices that must be made to get the financing from the European Union, I guess they don’t get that there will be no money if these measures are not taken (ignorance). The headline that most caught my attention and truly speaks to all of these ills, would be the one on Barack Obama and his inability to lead, you see America is indeed the land of opportunity, but when you pit one American against another, you have worldwide insanity, because there is no one to lead the way out. This recession did not have to go on any longer then any of the others in my lifetime, the difference this time was the tool at the top and that tool is broken. Any Millionaire Or Billionaire Who Gives To The Democrat Party Deserves Everything That is Apparently Coming Their Way

‘It’s as if he doesn’t like people,” says real-estate mogul and New York Daily News owner Mortimer Zuckerman of the president of the United States. Barack Obama doesn’t seem to care for individuals, elaborates Mr. Zuckerman, though the president enjoys addressing millions of them on television.

The Boston Properties CEO is trying to understand why Mr. Obama has made little effort to build relationships on Capitol Hill or negotiate a bipartisan economic plan. A longtime supporter of the Democratic Party, Mr. Zuckerman wrote in these pages two months ago that the entire business community was “pleading for some kind of adult supervision” in Washington and “desperate for strong leadership.” Writing soon after the historic downgrade of U.S. Treasury debt by Standard & Poor’s, he wrote, “I long for a triple-A president to run a triple-A country.”

His words struck a chord. When I visit Mr. Zuckerman this week in his midtown Manhattan office, he reports that three people approached him at dinner the previous evening to discuss his August op-ed. Among business executives who supported Barack Obama in 2008, he says, “there is enormously widespread anxiety over the political leadership of the country.” Mr. Zuckerman reports that among Democrats, “The sense is that the policies of this government have failed. . . . What they say about [Mr. Obama] when he’s not in the room, so to speak, is astonishing.”

Suffice it to say, Mr Zuckerman, what we say about Obama out here cannot even be used in polite company. He has taken this Country on purpose to the brink, he thinks he will see his Marxist utopia, there is no such thing. If the idiots who spent even a month in college thought about it, even Communist China sells goods and services, every damn socialist, communist Country will sell to another and in the end, that is CAPITALISM! As one of the 53% who do indeed pay money to the taxman every year (painfully), I will work very, very hard to ensure, this Marxist is sent home and our Country gets back on track in November of 2012. Suffice it to say, it cannot come soon enough, the misery this man and his Party has brought to bear on the best damn Country on the face of the planet, is disgusting!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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