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From Arab Spring to Kristallnacht

Revolution? It can’t happen here.  And anyway, the kids are disorganized and unintelligible.  They’re just floundering and aimless, angry because the economy is bad, looking for a way to vent their frustration.  Sure, there’s the occasional fracas, the odd run-in with the authorities, but this thing will just run it’s course. Some of the hotheads may be jailed for a time. In the end, if the politicians just throw them a few bones, they’ll go away.  And the economy is bound to improve.  Yes, it takes a wheelbarrow full of deutschmarks dollars to buy a loaf of bread these days, but our scientists are the best in der the world and they are working on wonderful new things the Fatherla nation can use to make things better.

Say, did you hear about that new group they formed in Arabia called the Muslim Brotherhood?  They’re getting together to push back against whatever mongrels are causing them such anguish.  They only want what is theirs.  They only want to preserve the purity of their….existence.  We could learn from them.

What we must try to understand is whose fault it is.  Why are the people in such misery?  It must be someone’s fault.

Have you seen all those fine shops and buildings down there on the main strasse street? Look at all the pretty windows dressed up to display those goods that decent people can’t afford! That is offensive! Offensive!. Look at that greed! They have no right.. No right.


h/t:  History

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