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What If I Was Republican Party Chairman?

The first thing to observe, if I was the Republican Party Chairman, is that the war is over and WE The People won. It means that Cold Warrior’s Precinct Committeeman Project has yielded the necessary results so that Republican grassroots conservatives ARE now the establishment. It also means that the worry the old establishment had about getting the NYT, WaPO, NBC, CBS, and ABC to treat them favorably, will have vanished. Our new establishment will use the internet and make use of the phenomena of social media, thus avoiding the tired old media.

The states are having fights again (as they always do), leading up to the Presidential Primary and Caucus calendar. There are calls from New Hampshire for candidates to boycott Nevada, and they want the Republican Chairman to do something to Nevada for not showing New Hampshire enough respect. I believe if I was the chairman I would do my best impersonation of Roberto Duran’s “No mas!”

I don’t believe the Republican Party Chairman has the power to force states to schedule their primary or caucus on a particular day. A Republican Party Chairman hasn’t the power to force candidates for President to not campaign in a state. I would not even set a calendar. Instead of trying the stick of force I would try the carrot of incentive.

For me the most important activity of every state and local Republican Party is to recruit excellent candidates who are nominated by registered Republicans and elected in the General Election. This ought to be a friendly competition by the states so that the state who performs the best in getting Republicans elected are rewarded with being first to have their delegates for the Presidential candidates officially received by the RNC. In other words, no matter what day any state has their primary or caucus is of no consequence as to when the RNC makes the delegate result number official. This tally of official delegates by the RNC can be important for investors who care about who the Republicans are voting for in the primary or caucus.

There is a great need for the Republicans to pick the nominee for the Republican Party instead of letting the Independents and Democrats choose. I created a table below that ranks how presently I, as RNC Chairman, would determine which result from which state I would make official. I say presently, because every four years before a Presidential election, the rankings change. The rankings are not based on any traditions or sentimental favoritism; they’re based upon how well the state performs at holding closed primaries and caucuses, and how successful they are in getting Republicans elected.

States don’t need to worry that the big bad RNC Chairman can force them to do anything they don’t want to do. They also need to realize that they can’t force the RNC Chairman to stop favoring the most Republican of the states. The job is meant to be one that favors Republicans or why even have a Republican Party?

Rank State Vote type Delegates
1 Oklahoma Closed Primary 43
2 Kentucky Closed Primary 45
3 Arizona Closed Primary 58
4 Maine Closed Caucus 24
5 Wyoming Closed Caucus 29
6 Idaho Closed Caucus 32
7 Kansas Closed Caucus 40
8 South Dakota Closed Primary 28
9 Louisiana Closed Primary 45
10 Pennsylvania Closed Primary 72
11 Florida Closed Primary 99
12 Alaska Closed Caucus 27
13 North Dakota Closed Caucus 28
14 Nevada Closed Caucus 28
15 Iowa Closed Caucus 28
16 Missouri Closed Caucus 52
17 Delaware Closed Primary 17
18 New Mexico Closed Primary 23
19 Connecticut Closed Primary 28
20 Oregon Closed Primary 29
21 Maryland Closed Primary 37
22 Michigan Closed Primary 59
23 New York Closed Primary 95
24 California Closed Primary 172
25 Hawaii Closed Caucus 20
26 Montana Closed Caucus 26
27 Colorado Closed Caucus 36
28 Washington Closed Caucus 43
29 Utah Party members and Independents 40
30 Georgia Party members and Independents 76
31 New Hampshire Party members and Independents 23
32 Nebraska Party members and Independents 35
33 Massachusetts Party members and Independents 41
34 North Carolina Party members and Independents 55
35 Ohio Party members and Independents 66
36 Rhode Island Party members and Independents 19
37 West Virginia Party members and Independents 31
38 New Jersey Party members and Independents 50
39 Mississippi Open Primary 37
40 Indiana Open Primary 46
41 South Carolina Open Primary 50
42 Alabama Open Primary 50
43 Tennessee Open Primary 58
44 Texas Open Primary 155
45 Arkansas Open Primary 36
46 Wisconsin Open Primary 42
47 Illinois Open Primary 69
48 Vermont Open Primary 17
49 Virginia Open Primary 49
50 Minnesota Open Caucus 40
51 District of Columbia Closed Primary 19
52 Northern Marianas Closed Caucus 9
53 Virgin Islands Closed Caucus 9
54 Guam Closed Caucus 9
55 American Samoa Open Caucus 9
56 Puerto Rico Open Primary 23

I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.


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