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Establishment vs Tea Party, It’s Officially a War

The South wasn’t supposed to fire the first shot in the Civil War, but they did.

And some say they were finessed.

Rush Limbaugh, as early as a year ago, began asking the question of conservatives: What is the first order of business, beating Obama or beating the GOP Establishment?

We number in the millions while they number in the tens of thousands so I am unsure why they launched the war in the first place, and in the New York Times to boot.

But they did. Good. The hard part is over, that all-important but uncomfortable invitation to a gunfight. No more beating about the bush.

Let’s set the table first.

This is not about tea parties, but conservatism. People inside the Establishment, even some with remarkable conservative histories and credentials, George Will comes to mind, Bill Kristol does not, must still protect their “place,” their status, within the Establishment above all things. This has been proved. Conservatism has become subordinated to maintaining this station.

As we have watched for five years really, not three, they have holstered much of their conservatism, blankly watching honor hobbled down, and any pretense of fealty to the Constitution discarded. Not by the Democrats, but by the Republican Establishment itself.

“Hold the line, Gentlemen, hold the line” has always been their clarion call, only it did not apply to the people, it seems, but only these their own comrades around the Establishment table.

Just as they now brag about bringing new congressmen into the House and seducing them into the ways of the “insider,” they themselves have become seduced with this overpowering feeling of self-importance.

Liberty was lost in the shuffle.

The tea parties’ creation was as much in response to their “no response” to Obama’s socialist message as it was to Obama himself.

At one time the headiest reform movement inside the Party, going back to Clinton, was the likes of these conservatives. In the end, they’ve had to make their peace with people they never really liked in order to come out against a rabble in arms who, in the end, has a thousand times greater understanding…intellectual understanding…of the true essence of a constitutional republic…and the hoi poloi it was designed to empower.

This is not a war against the tea parties, but against irresolute conservatism of all stripes.  This is not about two different ideas about fighting Evil, but about accommodating it.

This is not a war for reason, or good sense, nor even intellectual fealty to any Higher Cause, but rather a war to protect a self-appointed class…a class that has failed miserably and stands directly responsible for our being in the shape we’re in right now…a class that refused to protect and fight a fight it was ordained to protect and fight, all for the sake of protecting itself and its station, forcing us to fight this fight ourselves.

They own the Republican Party, we own the Republican Brand, the original brand. And again, we number in the millions, they number in the tens of thousands.

The Republican Party doesn’t have seven million plantation  voters, or five million barrio balloteers. The GOP doesn’t have union-paid goon squads.

We are it. And like it or not, we’re going to get our seats in the Halls of Power one way or another.

This is a war for new leadership, including the beard-strokers. Time to move on, folks.

This is a war that has needed to be fought since the GOP Establishment gave Clinton a pass in 1998. This is a war whose time has come.

And the first battlefield, before the Battle of Obama in 2012, will be the ballot box battle against these aristocrats of the Beltway in the coming spring-summer.

Let history begin.

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IMO absolutely the first one who needs to go is Boehner. I am beyond tired of him sending endless CRs over to Reid thus enabling Reid to continue with his refusal to do a budget so his 23 *vulnerable* senators don’t have to take a tough vote. And just to add insult to injury, after all the pre-2010 talk of repealing/defunding o-care, the last CR had 23 billion in it for enacting o-care… lets get all its little tentacles in there John before it goes to the Supremes so that the complexity of unwinding it will color their decision. Attaboy… Read more »


Like her or not (and I am not necessarily a fan), I believe if Michelle Bachmann were speaker this sort of garbage would not be happening… she has bigger hoo-hoos than Boehner could ever dream of having.


If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. Thomas Paine The fight has been coming since Bush I v Reagan or perhaps Goldwater v Johnson. Frankly iot what I have been saying better to lose few with internecine warfare than keep capitulating on principles and letting the establishment pwn us. It like rebuilding a basketball team. You let the “good” old guys go and accept a few bad seasons in the interest if having something truly great. The only difference in politics is the desperate desire for power and relevance means… Read more »


Now we’ll see what the individuals that comprise the Tea Party Movement are made of. What kind of progress has CW made in taking back the GOP? How much more can we take in the next year?


“Bayonets, charge!”

One quibble, though. You say the battle is coming this “spring-summer”. If we don’t fight hard, right now, the battle will be over before spring. New Hampshire may be just 7 weeks away. We don’t even have the luxury of a Valley Forge, we’re going to have to fight through the winter.


We offered them our hand. They pretended to hold it for a little while, to regain power. Now they’ve thrown down a stick and dared us to jump over it.

No problem and there’s no going back. Kicking, biting and scratching are OK cause there aren’t any rules in a street-fight.

Watch your topknot.


The battle is NOW, I am trying to get either Freedomworks or Heritage to sign on to a protest in the spring for the TEA Party, with BOOTHS for each State to get people signed up to get involved!


Depending on what the right-leaning Ohio Supremes say, we could have Dennis the Menace running in #oh9 against Kaptur. This if it comes about will be real interesting.

Buy popcorn. Now.