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Meet Rusty Bliss: Republican candidate for Ohio U.S. Senate

Update 12/7/11. I was informed via email Capt. Bliss fell slightly short for meeting the required number of signatures to appear on the Ohio primary ballot. He has however filed as a write-in candidate. FYI the date of the Ohio primary is still under fire in this state. News at 11.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the seven candidates other than Democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown who has announced his/her candidacy for Ohio U.S. Senate: Rusty Bliss, pictured below.

Captain Bliss is a cargo pilot and considers himself to be a “grass roots” candidate. Although he has never held political office he is no stranger to the machinations of running a political campaign. He worked on the campaign of now-Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Mike Dewine for OH senate campaign among others. He feels being a grass roots candidate is a *plus* as he knows, realizes and understands the challenges facing the American people. In his own words, from his campaign website:

“I am running to make a difference. I want our children and generations after them to have the same opportunities my generation had growing up. America needs to once again stand for limitless opportunity to build the best lives you can.”

I gave Captain Bliss the “vetting test” for Conservative candidates supplied by the Independence Caucus and he knows and understands the Constitution and the workings of the three branches of our government extremely well. In fact I was pleasantly surprised at his knowledge.

Captain Bliss believes life begins at conception and believes in the sanctity of that human life. He endured the pain of a stillborn child and has two relatives with Down’s syndrome and tells me he cherishes those children dearly and can’t imagine a woman wanting to abort a baby even under those circumstances. The five priorities he sees for this country are:

  • Begin work to remove the multitude of czars un-Constitutionally appointed by the Obama administration.
  • Begin work to restore monetary oversight of U.S. currency back to Congress by efforts to remove the Federal Reserve from it’s over-reaching power.
  • Work to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Repeal Obamacare.
  • Asking the United Nations to relocate out of the United States.

Captain Bliss is a staunch supporter of our military and Israel and understands the need for the U.S. to have her as an important ally in the trouble-torn Middle East. He would also would like to see the U.S. become energy independent through the use of all our domestic energy resources. One of his mantra’s is “drill Ohio, drill!”

I’ll leave you with one final quote from Captain Bliss:

“The light of Liberty and the promise of Freedom will be extinguished from the world without the leadership of America. Before we can lead we must first restore our values and principles here at home while securing our economy and protecting our sovereignty.”

With the election of many grass-roots Conservative candidates in 2010 it can no longer be said that “career politicians” have the upper hand. Good Luck to you Captain Bliss. Thank you for the honor of speaking with you.

You can read more about Captain Bliss on his website.

Twitter @RustyBliss2012


FYI there are 6 other Republicans running for the Ohio U.S. Senate: Kevin Coughlin, Eric Lamont Gregory, Donna Glisman, Josh Mandel, Seth Morgan and Michael Pryce. The lone Independent is David Zanotti.

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