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Walking Along, Chewing gum, Thinking Good Thoughts…and Plotting the Counter-Revolution


As we yearn for the Obama Administration, and its practitioners, puppets and proponents, to be relegated to the dustbin of history,  we often say that ridding the nation of Obama is the overriding concern of our current political thought and action.  We don’t care who it is, as long as Obama is out of there, we often say. Once that is done, either all will be well with the world, or all that will  remain to be done is a mop-up operation, cleaning out some desks, prosecuting a few scoundrels, maybe trying to re-pack The Court or things such.

Well, yes.  There certainly is nowhere to go but up, we hope.  But aside from the campaign rhetoric coming from the presidential aspirants, and the words soon to follow from the congressional office-seekers, and the slogans on Tea Party signs, is there at least a coherent, all-encompassing vision anywhere in the land of what lies ahead if we are to achieve notable success?  Is there to be found anywhere a  comprehensive damage assessment of what has befouled our entire political arrangement over the past four decades, or are our gripes and concerns merely provincial, or special-interest or self-interest oriented?  Or is it all just too vast and awful to catalog?  Or in the end is it just about….Winning?

Herman has his 9-9-9 plan.  Rick is going to make Washington as inconsequential to us as is humanly possible and Michelle has vowed to be the Queen of Mean in blowing up the Department of Education and obliterating Obamacare.  More, please.  Newt  (and  Callista) have come up with a new Contract.  Well, they have come up with an outline for a Contract, which they want people to help them formulate over the next year.  Meantime, Newt is also running for President, so he’s probably not going to get a lot of Perry, Romney and Cain supporters to work with Callista on this til maybe after the elections.

But at least Newt professes to have  some kind of inkling that  campaign platitudes,  and notions that if we just elect the right figurehead and get a Congressional majority happy days will be here again, just aren’t going to do the whole trick.  So  we would hope that some of the other campaigns, and at least some of the conservative punditry and blogosphere and scholarly institutes would begin thinking strategically and in some degree of unison on how to get the country into the mindset for  corrections needed, much of which involve dismantling large chunks of bureaucracy and officialdom inside the beltway,  in our considered opinion, and scattering a good deal of what is left across the landscape of America and just plain decentralizing the power center and special interest access to same.  Whoops, we’re almost getting into specifics there.  Will leave that for another day, but the point is that once House, Senate and White House are secured, lowering the top marginal rate will be so easy a cave man could do it,  and those seeking our support for 2012 and beyond need to be coming up with answers in their own minds to the questions “What are you going to do after casting that vote?” and “How many cabinet departments are  absolutely necessary to keep the Ship of State afloat and which ones are negotiable or need further study?”  Et cetera.

The mechanics of getting everybody to read the same book, let alone get on the same page,  haven’t come into sharp focus for us yet, but some way education, or self-education, on the basics of our constitutional system and how they have lately been ignored or bastardized have to come into play.  We think about all of the people who raise their right hand and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States , trot up the steps to Capitol Hill and vote like automatons for measures so obviously unconstitutional that they should be immediately arrested for violating their oath.  See, we don’t think that it’s just a matter of voting, whether in lockstep with Party or Presidential leadership or not, and letting the burden of upholding the Constitution fall on the shoulders of the United States Supreme Court.  Every act of our citizen legislators and executors, whether voting, serving on committees, debating, writing legislation, directing subordinates or  being lobbied by their constituents, ought to be done keeping Constitutional precepts and constraints in mind.  (Oh, gee, aren’t we just so Pollyanna-ish, today?  Still ,  is there something wrong with a nod to idealism? )

Yes, the dialogue one day is going to have to expand to include the rest of constitutionalism beyond saving the country from financial bankruptcy, and that includes social conservatism, nullification and retraction of “precedents”, and returning the “F” in federal to it’s proper lower-case usage.  We want our boys and girls in all levels of government to learn it, live it and love it.  And when they are required to think and act in matters of security and economics extending beyond our borders and beyond our shores,  we want to simplify matters for them by suggesting that rather than getting hung up debating  ‘making the world safe for democracy’, their primary job is to act to make the world safe for us, though we are happy to serve as role models for the rest of the world if they’d like a little fulfillment for a change.

And that’s just the government.  We’ve still got a Nation to take back.  It was taken over by skillful revolutionaries who isolated segments of the population, or mass-membership institutions, and took them over by implanting microchips in their brains which received repetitive and conditioning messages over and over and over until the receptors of the propaganda had lost all other frames of reference and became mere remote-controlled robots.  (The microchip thing is a metaphor;  the actual art of what was done was in practice more complicated but involved not only genius but all the miracles of modern invention as well, so we just call it microchips.)

So think of what lies ahead as being like the Iraq War.  Storming the country and running off the Baathists was one thing.  Winning hearts and minds, neutering the insurgents and preserving what was being installed was another.  Believing the cause is just,  we know the purge  and the pacification and the creation of pathways to freedom and autonomous conduct are good for both us and for the people at large, but entire huge blocks of them don’t know that, don’t have the frame of reference, don’t know what we’re about, for it was all blotted out for them by the prior tyranny and conditioning.

We have to not just win elections, we have to think and plan and uphold and promote our ideals.  The reason we have to do all this is to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.  (We read that someplace once upon a time and it still has a nice ring to it.)


Note: We wrote this post before reading Andy McCarthy’s piece  in NRO but are hat-tipping him anyway in hopes you will go there and read his piece, which touches on several of the issues we raise here, but of course in a more learned and professional and impressive way.  Andy is always two or three moves ahead.

Good reminder, Bob. (Lady P – Ed.)

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  1. It isn’t enough to rid DC of Obama and company, there needs to be real and definable change down in DC with agencies pared back or ended and I darn well expect the votes in the Senate on these issues to be a simple majority of 51 like Harry Reid has done, it is time to end the government gravy train and take OUR Country back!

  1. It isn’t enough to rid DC of Obama and company, there needs to be real and definable change down in DC with agencies pared back or ended and I darn well expect the votes in the Senate on these issues to be a simple majority of 51 like Harry Reid has done, it is time to end the government gravy train and take OUR Country back!

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