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That Man Is Poison; Or How To Hide When Obama Visits

The entire Pennsylvania delegation of elected officials have decided they are too busy to be seen with Barack Hussein Obama when he visits to show Americans how he spent millions more of our tax dollars on his buddies in the unions. I totally understand how they wouldn’t want their name dragged down in the mud by attending any event with the one termer, but as they are Democrats, it is fun to watch, the twisting and turning to explain why they are too busy. Obama So Hardcore Left Even Pennsylvania’s Elected Officials Will Not Appear With Him

he film industry has its box office poison — actors who are guaranteed to turn any movie into a bomb. President Obama is the political equivalent: Ballot box poison. Democratic congressmen from Pennsylvania are making Pittsburgh their personal no-fly zones on Tuesday, when President Obama visits to extoll the virtues of the training center of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local No. 5, which receives millions from Washington to retrain laid-off workers for jobs that don’t exist.

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Most of Western Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation won’t make it to President Obama’s visit to Pittsburgh next week, saying their day jobs got in the way. Several blamed a vote and other duties. But at least one analyst noted that Obama is struggling in the polls as he tries to sell a jobs plan that Republicans don’t want.”

Democrats don’t want it either as Obama’s bill has no sponsors and is not on the Senate legislative calendar.

I remember the heady days when Barack was everybody’s boyfriend, they couldn’t wait to touch the “golden child.” Today, they cannot run the other way fast enough. Let me tell Barack one thing that perhaps he hasn’t gotten through his thick skull, no one, except those hardcore progressives in the House and Bernie in the Senate are going to give you 100s of billions of tax dollars to put in your slush fund for re-election. The Republicans are smart enough to recognize that the money will just go right back into your coffers enabling you to pay off your friends, and union buds. Now, I know Republicans are called the stupid Party, but this time they’re going to show some smarts, and are not going to handicap themselves going into an election year. We The People are going to make sure of that.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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