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Another Liberal Racist Speaks On Herman Cain

I have always known the left to be the bigots and racists, heck I grew up in a Democrat stronghold and they were indeed angry, white liberal, racists, but as an adult I am consistently amazed they continue to get away it. It bothers me immensely that the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus, never defend other blacks if they are conservative. It proves the saying, that I have heard over the years, that they are liberal/socialist first and black second, shameful. Mr. Mohr, Herman Cain Does Not Drop His G’s When Speaking To Black Audiences, Because He Respects Them, Unlike Your Pied Piper, Obama

Mohr soon turned his attention to mocking Herman Cain. Mohr:

But I liked, Herman Cain to me has become the most fascinating guy in the whole Repub-, I like how he’s getting blacker as the campaign winds on and the stress gets to him.

He started as a button down Republican, almost Michael Steele-esque, and now he’s going, ‘Are you tellin’ me that I was supposed to be out there in the name of the Lord?’ What’s worse? Herman Cain said he ‘caught’ cancer or that you’re born, or that you choose to be gay. You, I’m sure, catching cancer. Maybe you can catch gay.

He went on to suggest that Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, and Sarah Palin form a presidential ticket together that the world would want to have sex with, and cracked that Palin had been “screwing black men since the mid-90s.” Mohr:

The Mormons just make the most beautiful people in the world. Mitt Romney and Huntsman should run as one guy and have Sarah Palin as their VP, and then every other country would just want to have sex with us. Sarah Palin screwing black people since the mid-90s.

Of course Jay Mohr hasn’t been funny for too many years to count, he is a pig obviously and a misogynist and a racist to boot. The problem isn’t whites like Mohr, the problem is liberalism which allows these idiots to speak about blacks and women in a way that continues on the process of bigotry.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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