Friday, September 17, 2021
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The Slackers of Occupy Wall Street

Yeah, we ALL get it. The banks got bailed out and the people got sold out. So all the longhairs, druggies and anarchists run to some park in New York to protest Wall Street and trash America. Guess what dipsticks, the productive people of America, the ones providing your subsistence took up the issue of big government corporate cronyism way back in early 2009. They didn’t have to have sleepovers in a nasty New York park to do it, either. They made their voices count and cleaned the House in 2010 and are still at work. When they work they clean up after themselves. That’s what grown-ups do.

Punks like the Wall Street occupiers are pawns of the unions and big government. Fools, these are the people who say they will give you everything but take the most important things from you. Go ahead trade your freedom and humanity for a chance to eat the rich, but you socialists should really try to demonstrate a country where your vision is working. You can’t do it.

This is the “genius” and the intolerance of Occupy Wall Street:

Well, at least the dork in the video claims he got off drugs. Too bad he fried his brain. Pathetic losers, the #occupywallstreet basement dwellers. Productive Americans have been hauling the water you drink long enough. Root hogs, or die.

Texas native. Conservative small businessman with 31 years experience. Government should roll back the nanny state. No country can tax its way to prosperity. The question isn't who will let me but who will stop me?

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