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Obama Wants To Be Egypt’s Nassar And Destroy America

History has always been the guide to mistakes made and lessons learned, it is unfortunate that Obama and the Democrats, learned the lessons of socialism and want to recreate it. You see, they know exactly what they are doing in DC, they are slowing killing the middle class, and are working on making the rich obsolete. Socialism/Marxism as worked in history has destroyed the free market, but when it does, all classes except the ruling class, end up in misery. Obama And His Faculty Lounge Administration Wants To Be The Ruling Class To Your Misery

During the socialist experiment in Egypt, where I grew up, in every speech the revolutionary dictator, Gamal Abdel Nasser, would fly into a rage against what he called the corrupt rich, large owners of agricultural land and the big companies, robbing the wealth from the poor Egyptian people.

Nasser nationalized all the companies and banks; and limited ownership of the land to a few acres per family. Private enterprise was virtually gone, limited to just little stores and apartment buildings. But then even the owners of apartment buildings were demonized as greedy, and Nasser punished them by introducing severe rent control. Rents were sometimes cut by more than 400%, and stayed at that level for life. The result was that buildings were virtually abandoned by their owners, who could no longer afford to maintain them; many neighborhoods turned into slums. As no one built rental buildings any more, there was a horrific shortage of apartments for rent. In a few years, two — then three –families started living together in one apartment; some of the poor people Nasser said he loved made cemeteries their homes.

Mosques, sheikhs, and religious institutions, including Al Azhar Islamic University, all became government employees. Religion became a government business, and Islamic leaders often became the mouth-piece of the government. Eventually, the government could not escape the tyranny of Islamic Sharia law. Leaders who violated Islamic law were threatened or assassinated.

Several years after pitting the rich against the poor, everyone in Egypt became poor. Even people who had previously enjoyed money struggled to survive — except for the political class.

The president, his family, his cronies, his cabinet and military leaders became the new rich class, as well as the major employers for everyone, as unemployment was rampant everywhere else. The sons and relatives of the Egyptian president cruised around Cairo in expensive foreign cars while 95% of Egyptians stuffed themselves uncomfortably into publicly-owned buses.

There is nothing new in what Obama is proposing to do to America, what is new, is that they are trying to do it in America, the beacon of hope for all around the world to escape the ruling class in their Country.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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