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Wall Street Protestors= The Left Unhinged

Avowed socialists, trying to reproduce the grass roots effectiveness of the Tea Party, are staging a sit-in around Wall Street this week to protest corporate greed. As mentioned yesterday, I really believe the Left is pretty much unhinged. I’ve listened to at least a dozen of these protestors articulate their views on various radio programs while driving along shaking my head at the utter lack of common sense and sheer vitriol these people display towards successful Americans.

Much of their rhetoric is nothing more than one big circular argument. For instance, Sean Hannity asks the same question I often ask my friends on the Left, “How much tax would you consider enough for a “rich” person to pay so they can stop being taxed?” Nobody will answer this question. They know in their gut it’s not really about fair share: It’s about wanting what other people have and trying to take it by government fiat. The protestors often manage to mutter some incoherent diatribe railing on about how the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Ask them again what fair share is and there is usually silence or a quick, “I’m not here to tell the government how much tax to charge, I just know what’s going on in the country isn’t fair.” It’s not fair, we want fair, but we won’t define what fair is. And we are to base tax policy on this nonsense?

Clearly these people, as with much of the Left, want a floating definition of fair so they can always beat the rich over the head when more perceived tax revenue is needed. Fair is whatever each person concludes is fair in their heads; except when that definition of fair doesn’t net them anything else, then it isn’t fair any more. Or something like that.

I have absolutely no empirical evidence to support my claim, but I am 99% sure most of the people railing about corporate greed are part of the 47% of citizens who already pay no federal income tax themselves. These are the beneficiaries of all the robust federal programs we have in place.

I understand you can find interesting characters in any crowd. The Tea Party is often portrayed as a bunch of crazies. I’ve been to Tea Party rallies, and I’ve listened to enough of these Wall Street protestors to know the difference. The majority of Tea Party adherents understand the founding principles that made our country the greatest experiment this world has ever known. Wacky Tea Party members exist but are the minority. For our Wall Street protestors, wacky is pretty much normal. In fact, today we find out some of these protestors are being paid to show up while denigrating capitalism at the same time. The obvious irony is apparently lost on these people.

Some of the protestors are well meaning; however, almost all are ill-informed. Most are products of a left-wing media obsessed with turning truth into fiction and preying on emotional solutions to every problem. For these people, greed is not defined as asking taxpayers to fund their own retirements as well as public sector employee retirement; rather, greed is defined as keeping your own private property (money) to do with as you wish. We seem closer to Europe with every passing day as just another average country near bankruptcy with more tax beneficiaries then taxpayers.


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