There is No Bill to Pass, Mr Obama


Maybe I’d never made a good politician, for I just don’t understand why Republicans in both houses aren’t running, knocking over people, just to get to the microphone.

Every day, not just sometimes, every day for weeks now, I’ve had to hear my opening radio news show at the top of the hour lead with a story about President Obama’s latest speech, including today’s news conference, saying “Pass this bill or explain yourself.”

There is no bill.

To date not a single Democrat in the House has stepped forward to put his/her name on the bill and sponsor it. A couple of weeks ago a Republican, Rep Louis Gohmert of Texas, even took the name of Obama’s bill (American Jobs Act) and submitted his own bill, written on the back of a napkin. And it passed.

There is no bill in the House.

Harry Reid has put his own name on the president’s bill in the Senate, but no one else will step forward to co-sponsor it. And several Democrats, enough to defeat it, have already stated they’d vote against it.

No Democrat who wants to still have a job come January 2013 wants to have to put a “Yea” to this bill.

Only there is no bill.

Still every day, Republicans (McConnell and Cantor) stride to the microphone and pretend there is a bill.


America should have laughed this bill back to Martha’s Vineyard, where it was probably hatched over the last vacation weekend.

What am I missing here?

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Lady Penguin
October 6, 2011 1:06 pm

I understand that it has been attached to the Chinese currency bill as an amendment.

McConnell, knowing the difficulty Reid is having keeping Democrats on board, sought to gain the political upper-hand, by giving Obama what he wanted — knowing a vote today was certain to fail. But he attached it as an amendment to the Chinese currency manipulation bill that the Obama administration opposes.

Read more:

October 6, 2011 2:14 pm

“….why Republicans ….aren’t running, knocking over people, just to get to the microphone.” Oh…my…yes. Well, indeed we wondered the same thing in May, 2009 when the Holder Justice Department dismissed the whole NBPP voter intimidation case, not only after we had watched the crime presented in living color on our TV sets but also after the Bush holdovers had successfully prosecuted the case in court. Those microphone opps are few and far between, so the Repubs can’t waste them on silly, uninportant things like criminality, corrupt Justice Departments, and such, so do you think they’re going to haggle over some… Read more »

Queen Hotchibobo
October 7, 2011 4:19 am

And the reason there is no bill? There is an election in 13 months and the Democrats know they will be crucified if they pass Stimulus Jr. President Toonces is so out of touch with the public, he either doesn’t have a clue or else he knows that the media will continue to cover for him so he can blow his talking points jobs-blow without fear of contradiction from the fifth column Demedia.