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Why Would the Lefties Turn on Obama?

You guys have probably seen the polling that says Obama is as popular as a fart in church. Some here, here, and here.

But that last one carried something that caught my eye. The lefties are not in love any longer.

Respondents are now more likely to express disappointment in Obama, too, although not quite a majority. Forty-three percent say he’s failed to meet their expectations as President, and only 9% say he’s exceeded expectations. What’s fascinating is that Obama doesn’t do much better with Democrats, where 43% say he’s accomplished about what they expected and 39% say less. Only 15% say he’s exceeded their expectations. If Obama wants to launch a base-turnout strategy for 2012, that’s a pretty narrow base to leverage. He actually does slightly better among independents, with 48% saying he met expectations and 41% disappointed.

Why would that be? The man is as far left as anyone who got within a prayer of the Big Seat. They cannot want anyone more lefty than him, can they?

Here’s my theory: The Democratic Left is composed of varied interests, none of whom have anything in common other than that they have a pet cause. The abortionists want abortion on demand, but don’t support black power. The New Black Panther Party wants black power, but doesn’t give a flying rat’s hienie about greenies. Gay rights activists aren’t demanding wealth redistribution. The list goes on.

Obama’s problem is that even if he gives everything to the abortion industry that they want, and he has, that is not going to impress the Hispanic caucus. They have not staked their honor on the right to murder babies in the womb. As a matter of fact, they are conservative on that issue. This same calculus applies to all the varied causes of the lefty coalition.

He’s going to try to tie them all back together again in 2012, but this time, he’s got a real record and some of it is not what they were hoping for. The blank slate is not blank any longer, so they can no longer pretend his agenda is their agenda. Now they are looking at results.

The only factor that unites all Americans, regardless of their race, social status, opinions on abortion, drugs, et al, is the economy. This year, it’s the economy, stupid. This is why the number of people who believe Barry will be re-elected is down in the 30s.

I think (hope?) that the 37 percent is being optimistic.

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