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The Gray Lady Is No Lady At All, She Is A Shrew

I look forward to the day the New York Times stock is down to a dollar a share, then I can buy a thousand shares and burn them. The “paper of record” which, if you look back over its history has been nothing more then a paper of progressivism, has done more damage to this Country then any other outlet for “news.” They received a Pulitzer prize in the early days of journolister reporting – awarded for lies, while people died No Famine? No Starvation? Stalin Is Wonderful?, You Lie. That is just one obvious area of their lies, on the “global warming” scale, they have lied for a century 150 Years Of Global Warming And Cooling At The New York Times. The bottom line is, they lie, and nothing they write should be taken seriously and those foul writers they employ, should be mocked, certainly not lauded.

Which brings us to the whore’s true colors, which is to say, the lady is no lady, she is indeed a whore The Gray Ladies True Colors

For those lacking basic Twitteracy, “RT” is short for “retweet,” which means that Roberts was repeating a tweet from the account of ThinkProgress, a highly partisan left-liberal opinion site. This would be unremarkable coming from, say, the editor of the Times editorial page. From Roberts, however, it reinforces perceptions that the Times’s news coverage is biased in favor of the left and against the Tea Party.

It will be objected that retweets do not necessarily constitute endorsements. That is true. If you follow us on Twitter, you know that we sometimes retweet material with which we disagree, usually to preface some follow-up comment.

We follow lots of fellow journalists on Twitter, and we generally find that they come across there similarly to the way they do in print or in person. Our own Twitter feed, like our column, is jokey and opinionated. To judge by Roberts’s (which we don’t follow), he is anything but a controversialist. His tweets are mostly a series of news links, the bulk of them from the Times’s own website. A few are from other news sites, some of them openly liberal (like Mother Jones), but all seem to have some evident news value.

The ThinkProgress tweet is unusual in that it links to a piece of pure opinion, and a partisan one that would provoke sharp disagreement in a mixed political group. One imagines that Roberts doesn’t mean to be partisan–that he thinks TP is making an interesting, salient point whose merits are obvious to all right-thinking people. Which, of course, would be entirely consistent with what we suspected about the Times back in January.

The Wall Street Journal gives much too much credit to many in the media with whom they troll, but the truth is out there if you open your eyes to the leftism of the media.

h/t on the picture to the writer of Gray Lady Down

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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