Tell Me…Precisely *When* Did Conservatives Lose Their Collective Minds?


Allow me a moment of incredulity; Conservativism really does appear hell-bent on biting off its nose to spite its own pathetic face. What else explains the Herculean effort to discredit and disqualify potential opponents to the Obama trainwreck because of this nonsensical single-pet-issue whining and gnashing of teeth we’re being subjected to which has little to do with saving the country from utter ruin? Inquiring minds would really like to know.

If I remember correctly, the stated Conservative goal (almost immediately after he was sworn in) was to make damn sure Obama did not serve two terms. In fact, if memory serves, Conservative “thought leaders” lamented the ’08 & ’10 elections…not so much because of Obama in particular, rather (in general)… because we needed to have majorities in both houses of Congress and we had failed (twice) to achieve that goal. Surely, these “experts” told us, we could save the country from economic collapse (and complete global ruin on an epic scale) if only we were to bring back national sanity through the Constitutionally-legitimate mechanisms (the Legislative branch) provided for by way of the wisdom of the Founders… right?

That’s what I thought, at least, but apparently I was wrong.

At stake in 2012 is the future of America, and the lives we will be forcing our grandchildren to live. We are NOT here to concern ourselves with whether Dan Riehl got in a good jab on Redstate, or whether Michelle Malkin was unfairly thrown under the bus. We are not here to busy ourselves with picking sides in the right-of-center blogwars, or whether or not a second or third tier blog got really funny comments or goosebump-raising one-liner digs against another. And…we are certainly not here to choose the next leader of the free world based on which of our blogging “thought leaders” has the best oppo hit material on candidates they are not in the bag for…or are we?

I’ve been at this a long time now, and I’ve seen the rise and fall of enough pundits and self-serving bloviators to know that there are two types of “experts” – those who would be kingmakers and those who would be opinion makers. They all come and go…they all shoot to the top only to subsequently fade into relative irrelevance and obscurity as the election cycles go by… and as the newbies rise up behind them with prettier words or better hair. And the beat goes on. But by and large they used to care – first and foremost – about the country.

Sadly, I think that age has passed us by now; these “thought leaders” are far more focused on being right and being the first to “call” the winner (even if it means running off the person most qualified, or best able to do the job) rather than on helping the right guy (or gal) make it to office in order to clean up the mess. It would appear that Obama’s mere presence has been enough to turn American electioneering into some horrible mutation of American Idol.

More’s the pity.

We are over a year away from the General election. Candidates for President will come and they will go as money appears or disappears…the result of the willingness of the people to support a candidate for whatever reason. And it will be due to the candidates themselves, and absolutely NOT because of this or that blog.

The job of Conservative “thought leaders” should be to provide us with information. That’s all…information… non-editorialized, non-slanted, non-nuanced, and fact-based. Don’t tell me who sucks… just tell me who they are and what they stand for and help me form an opinion. I’ll decide for myself, guys, who I will bow on one knee for in November 2012.

What we have, instead, is drivel; this one used the n-word (but he can because he’s black… give him a break, he’s new at this stuff), that one called us heartless (even though he’s right), the other one has too many foster children (what’s up with ??THAT?? I ask you)… and the one you’ve always hated could SURELY be “the one” if we beat him up enough for consistently being a mis-match with the ideology of the very folks he would presume to lead. And…last but not least… this election seems to be more focused on settling blog scores and facilitating a power shift in the right o’ sphere rather than about pulling together and pooling resources to get rid of our number one threat to America; Barack Obama.

The whole thing has gone [redacted] sideways… the headlines are reading “Conservatives Eat Their Own” rather than “Conservatives Are Taking Back America” and the only winners and losers in this game appear to be which of our “thought leaders” are getting the most play (read: the most hits on their website). Seems to me we’d all be better off if the news was about how they all got together… combined those hit stats… and got the right guy elected to office.

Color me unimpressed… in fact, don’t bother me anymore – you’re all tiresome. I’ll just go to the poll in November ’12, and pull ‘R’ because that seems to be the only choice I’ll have left, and WHO the ‘R’ is, apparently, won’t even matter.

John McCain ring a bell anyone? ANYONE?

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October 4, 2011 12:49 pm

As usual, ‘stack, you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s gobsmacking to listen to the GOP field allow themselves to be goaded by the MFM into attacking each other when Obama presents us with the most extensive target-rick environment in history.

I believe that the reason that Cain and Gingrich have slid into 3rd and 4th in the polls is because until recently, they refused to play the MFM’s game. That is, until Cain became stricken with whatever’s stricken him in the last week.

This is beyond frustrating.

Queen Hotchibobo
October 4, 2011 1:46 pm

And from the Amen Corner, “Amen!!” I’d say the same thing about our candidates. They have the most enormous target in the world sitting there in front of them, and they’ve turned around and started trying to shoot the fleas off of the dog that is running with them. All we’re going to get out of that is collateral damage. We all need to be pointing out the failures of the Obama administration and bragging about ALL of our candidates. Every last one of them is two tiers above BO in terms of brains, demeanor, common sense and talent. Otherwise,… Read more »

Queen Hotchibobo
October 4, 2011 1:46 pm

p.s. I love, love, love, love, love your pics!

Lady Penguin
October 4, 2011 2:14 pm

There is no perfect candidate, and if we try to find one, we’ll be bitterly disappointed in the end.

Letting the malignant media control the message and the dialogue is going to be catastrophic for us.

October 4, 2011 3:26 pm

Magnificently stated, Haystack, as always. No one says it better.

Blue Collar Muse
October 4, 2011 3:55 pm

Moneyquote? Hands down it’s,

“The whole thing has gone [redacted] sideways… the headlines are reading “Conservatives Eat Their Own” rather than “Conservatives Are Taking Back America””