Media Bias, Politics, and Ni**erheads


Once again, I’m forced to take up the education of dumb Yankees because they don’t know jack $h!t about anything to do with anything from the South. It’s no wonder they think of flyover country as a foreign nation; we may as well be for all they know about us.

You may or may not like it, but at one point in our history, people with more pigmentation than others were called niggers. No, not just in the South, all over the country that was a common term and was no more derogatory than any other term used to identify them. People of a hundred years ago said nigger the same way we say black, just meaning those darker skinned people.

I’m not saying there was no bias against the people with more melanin; there was no thought of equality there, but the word is not what carried the racial connotation, it was the prejudice that did that. The word merely identified certain people by their looks.

So why in the world would anyone nickname a place Niggerhead? Well, here’s what one looks like and you tell me:

I’m going to take a swinging wild-@$$ed guess and say that those flowers, which grow and thrive in dry, rocky, sandy soil were growing on the place.

Yes, you won’t find it anywhere now. In a google search for nicknames of purple coneflowers (technically known as Echinacea for those of you who take herbal remedies for colds) I found a site that listed many of them, but Niggerhead was not on the list. They did list Indianhead (which I’ve never heard used to identify this particular flower), so that is apparently still politically correct enough to say.

The old nickname for purple coneflower was no more racial slander than the old nickname for Brazil nuts referred in a derogatory manner to a person of color’s toes. There was just a day gone by when people weren’t as sensitive to the word, when it wasn’t considered a cuss word. I suppose when they were facing all the problems of the pre-civil rights era, flower and nut names weren’t on the list of “Things That Must Be Addressed Promptly” by any of the civil rights leaders of any race.

Anyway, now you know.

And the media is not just biased, they are evil. To slander Rick Perry as a racist because over 30 years ago someone painted a flower nickname on a rock on a property on which his parents leased the hunting rights while Barry gets a media embargo on 20 years of sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s church, Teddy Kennedy and The First Black President get a pass for saying that it hasn’t been so long since Barry would have been packing them coffee, and Harry Reid discusses Barry’s cleanliness and lack of a negro dialect without any sort of media condemnation is not just biased. It is slander and evil. The Demedia is a malignant cancer in our country, a fifth column, destroying us from within.

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Queen Hotchibobo
I was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and I grew up in a house on Saginaw Bay. My daddy was a poor, hardworking Saginaw fisherman. Too many times he came home with too little pay.

Naw, not really, but it sounds more interesting than the real bio, so there you are.

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October 3, 2011 1:24 pm

You nailed it Quennie!!

October 3, 2011 9:21 pm

Ha!! I remember as a kid my mom at the grocery store was looking for Brazil nuts and the clerk she approached to ask where they were was black. Not wanting to offend she asked for Brazil nuts. When that drew a blank stare she tried to describe them for a few minutes without using the dreaded “N” word. Finally a light went off and the clerk said, “oh, you mean the niggertoes.” It probably didn’t make my mom feel better having five kids laughing loudly after that. My own view is that if people are offended by the word… Read more »

October 3, 2011 10:44 pm

20 years ago I worked in a USAF office; our boss was a lovely black lady, a Chief, who I adore to this day. Once, a piece of equipment failed, and a MacGyver-like co-worker did a temp fix with a paperclip. When the Chief asked who got it working, someone sang out “Bobby nigger-rigged it!” Could have heard a pin drop, as they say. Chiefie smiled, shrugged, said she was glad it was fixed and walked away, shaking her head, amused at our obvious discomfort; didn’t faze her one bit. I expect today it might be a hanging offense.