There’s just something…weird about the Occupy Wall Street stuff


What do you call someone who hates capitalism and all it supposedly stands for, but yet has all the modern technological goodies one could ask for?


Maybe just “kid”?

They “hate” capitalism, but avail themselves of all its trappings.

…like expensive cameras made by large corporations?

Corporate foodstuffs like “Cheez-Its”

Cool fedoras and backpacks, and Halloween makeup from China…

Really? The Founding Fathers “warned us about Capitalism”??

Because, like, Bono is busy making money and using it to really help people, instead of donating his time to spoiled brats?

You can find out more about who’s really behind all this, and it’s not so hard. In fact it’s all over the place. The labor movement is throwing in with the rabble, as are Socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Meanwhile, people who hate Capitalism are lining up at booths; “That’ll be $20 for the ‘Corporations Suck’ t-shirt, and yes we do take all major credit cards.”

And somehow the “real” media is clueless as to what the protesters want;

They sleep on air mattresses, use Mac laptops and play drums. They go to the bathroom at the local McDonald’s. A few times a day, they march down to Wall Street, yelling, “This is what democracy looks like!”

It all has the feel of a classic street protest with one exception: It’s unclear exactly what the demonstrators want:

Why is it “unclear”? Because they’re kids! They don’t know what they want. They want to hang out with friends, be “cool” and accepted by the crowd as they pretend to be individualistic and trendy at the same time.

Perfect fodder, in other words, for real socialists, Marxists, and Communists like Van Jones.

If they do ever somehow “crash the system” they pretend to hate, they’ll see all the stuff that used to be fun suddenly move out of reach, suddenly become unavailable.

Fun stuff…like bread

…and meat

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Erick Brockway
Work seven days a week at two jobs, a newly RETIRED EO1 (E6) in the Navy Reserves (Seabees), blog when I can from cellphone and computer. @erickbrockway #catcot #tcot

Currently living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a wife (20+ years) son, and two daughters.

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Lady Penguin
October 2, 2011 8:12 am

The whining of these young people is ludicrous. You are so right, Erick, they don’t know what they want; mommy and daddy have been so generous all their lives and life has been easy. These are the kids from the generation of having anything they want, and it is further compounded by the saturation of technical toys for them to play with.

redneck hippie
October 2, 2011 2:54 pm

Love your writeup of this, Erick. It is clear to me that the protesters are in this for the glamour of being against the establlishment. It has ever been so.

October 2, 2011 9:24 pm


My future daughter-in-laws family is from Russia. They got out in 1978 and still talk about waiting in lines. Also the first time they went grocery shopping, saw the variety and availability on the store shelves.

They also talk about the insanity of those in power right now.

Those poor little babies are well dressed, well fed with the latest toys. Ingrates.
No real clue the lot of them.

October 3, 2011 11:43 am

Obama to Carter = the 1960’s to the ______’s.