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Breaking: Al Sharpton’s Group NAN Involved In Identity Theft

So what to say about a story that involves Al Sharpton, a group run by him and theft of identities, other than I, personally, am not shocked. I would run away from a group associated with Al Sharpton but unfortunately many will run to it, thinking they will be handed a check for $500 dollars. What is not clear is who was collecting all of that personal information, why are those who were receiving them suddenly leaving town and last but not least, will the media wing of the Democrat Party investigate this fraud? OK on the last one, I know you laughed, it will only stay in the local media but still I had to ask. If Ever There Was A Person Who Deserved To Be In Jail, It Would Be Al Sharpton, Huckster Extraordinaire

ATLANTA – So far, no one has proven it’s a scam, but they haven’t proven it’s for real either.

This week more than 700 senior citizens filled out a rather skimpy form promising a $500 check from the American Opportunities Stimulus Program.

They filled in sensitive information like their name, address, birth date and social security numbers, all with the promise of getting a Visa Check card in return.

But on Thursday, Fulton County government put out a warning that it might be an identity theft scam.

They even sent their own camera crew to the Atlanta headquarters of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, where the forms were being handed out by Vanessa Emerson and her son, Brandon.

In the video Vanessa Emerson can be seen brandishing a photo copy of a U.S. Treasury check saying, “I’m going to show ya’ll, I got my money.”

After the alarm went out, Brandon Emerson returned hundreds of the forms to the NAN headquarters at 632 Peoples Street so they could be given back to the seniors who filled them out.

Even though his mother was wearing a NAN T-shirt in the Fulton County government video, her son claimed they are not affiliated with the organization.

Worried seniors continued to stream to the local NAN headquarters on Friday fearing someone may be trying to steal their identities.

“I am scared and I’m going to the bank now and put a fraudulent lock on my account,” senior Bobbie Early told 11 Alive News on Friday.

All of these seniors having to go to their banks to protect their accounts is just sad. They really thought that Sharpton was going to help them but what they got instead is a headache and days of fear as they react to this fraud.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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