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The Chris Christie Rockefeller Republican Dance

It has been quite a eye opening experience for me to move all the way from the Democrat Party to TEA Party Activist in 10 years but the biggest disappointment has been the liberals in the Grand Old Party. You see when you leave a Party because they have become progressive and don’t speak to your concept of America, you have high hopes that the other Party is the one that will. It has been down right disgusting to watch the liberal Republicans tear down what should be a Party that is the exact opposite of the Democrat Party. The lesson has been that the GOP like the DNC has a bunch of political elites who want control of the Country, the DNC lost that battle to the progressives but the GOP has thus far fought off the conservatives to still be an elitist group at the top. It is 2010 that was the first shot over the bow from conservatives around the Country and it is 2012 that we finally cripple those elites or lose. You see the candidates we have fighting it out right now are more then enough for us to decide upon, even up to and including the biggest elite of all Romney. He has his 23% of the Party who will support him but the rest of us are looking at and deciding from the one’s who have already put themselves through the gauntlet.

I am disturbed by what I consider to be the elite guards of the GOP like Bill Kristol And The Whole Damn Staff of The Weekly Standard and A Majority Of The Staff At National Review and finally the Republicans at Wall Street Journal trying to FORCE another liberal eastern elite candidate on the Party of conservatism. I like Chris Christie as well as the next Conservative but for New Jersey, I don’t like his “global warming” stance, because the truth is out, its a scam. I don’t like his choices for judges and his mocking of those who disagree with him. I most certainly do not like his berating of citizens when a hurricane is bearing down on them. I don’t need a President who attacks me, who thinks he is right about all of his decisions and one who keeps his own core of videographers to sell his position, I already have that, his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

I am one of those who believes that the time is right for a hard-core conservative to win the White House and wrench this Country back to the right. The progressives since 2006 have taken us so far left, that the government is now telling us what to eat, that is not America and we deserve better. I would ask that the elites contain themselves and let We The People decide who we want, stop throwing who you want in our faces. Your slobbering over someone is so very liberal, you guys don’t even try to hide it anymore. So settle down for the ride because we have been working for three years now to get in the Party to change it for the better, we will be fighting for the very heart and soul of the GOP and suffice it to say, someone is going to be hurt, and I am here to tell you, its you all, not us!

picture h/t to The Washington Examiner

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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