Government “gone wild” and a tale of 2 businessmen


I had the pleasure of speaking with Brett McMahon, V.P. of Business Development of Miller and Long, a construction company based in D.C. which specializes in concrete work; and Phil Hoppman, President of Big D MetalWorks in Dallas.

Below are their stories of “government regulation gone wildand the failure of the Obama administration to create and maintain jobs at a reasonable cost.

Brett McMahon

Mr. McMahon is a spokesman for the Free Enterprise Alliance’s Halt The Assault campaign which exposes intrusive government and how government regulations are destroying jobs. Below is one of their videos:

Mr. McMahon also authored the article Job One: Kill the Jobs Bill. One of his shocking findings about the President’s “we have to pass this plan NOW” is:

In looking through the particulars of the President’s proposed job creation plan, if the estimated 1.9 million jobs are added it will be at a cost of $235,000 each with a total bill cost of $447B [emphasis mine]. Though it may be a slightly better deal for taxpayers than “Stimulus 1”, it still is nowhere near the type of recovery this economy needs and leaves us back at the original problem.

The main focus of our conversation was the onerous regulations and demands of the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board). His company has been in business for 64 years and is not now, and has never been a union shop. His feeling is the present Administration has been selective in which companies they target (Gibson Guitar ex.) and using a “prosecutorial attitude.” He sited a case where his company, even though it uses E-verify, has been raided by the Dept. of Labor and DHS to ensure all his company’s employees are not illegals. The Dept. of Labor even had employees stationed on the top of a hill overlooking one of Mr. McMahon’s construction sites to “ensure” no labor laws were broken.

We discussed the regulation by the NLRB which is scheduled to go into effect on November 14 requiring businesses to post a notice for their employees about their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. In Mr. McMahon’s opinion there are only 6 postings in the law he deems are legal and this one is not. He feels the NLRB should be made to prove they have the authority to do this and everything the Executive Branch sends down the pike should be challenged and many agencies are unnecessary, a taxpayers’ waste and onerous and harmful to businesses and job creation.

When you gore everyone’s ox, everyone has a stake in the game.

Was one of his salient quotes and that the Boeing case in South Carolina is a prime example.

The outcome of the Boeing case affects every company and individual in the country, including Obamacare. The mistake Obama is making with Boeing is that every businessman in the country knows about it and it will be something still seen in the next administration. There is no need for the NLRB, which has its own little “court” and makes decisions which have been reversed, those decisions have been reversed, ad infinitum.

According to Mr. McMahon the NLRB has 54 offices, 710 full time employees and an annual budget of $280 million. In March of 2010 President Obama recess-appointed Craig Becker, Associate General Counsel of SEIU to the NLRB. Becker’s term ends December 31 of this year and he is probably the most radical of the NLRB’s Board.

In an interesting note which many may be unaware of, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) has been holding the House in pro forma session in order to block President Obama from recess-appointing Lafe Solomon as General Counsel of the NLRB and Becker to a full term which would normally expire at the end of Obama’s present administration.

Solomon was named Acting General Counsel in June of 2010 and can hold that position for 210 days without Congressional approval. A General Counsel is independent from the Board and is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of unfair labor practice cases. Solomon is the person who has accused Boeing of unfair labor practices by opening a new plant in South Carolina. It is doubtful that Congress will give Solomon the appointment as many Democrats represent right-to-work states and do not want to alienate their constituents, hence Boehner’s decision to enter into pro forma session.

In 2007 Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) held the Senate in pro forma session in order to block recess appointments by President George Bush so this is not a new tactic by either party.

Mr. McMahon is committed to educating the public about these issues and the proposed “Jobs Act” from Obama, which which is an onerous, 155 page bill which is certain to make the job situation worse.

Please take a look at the website Halt the Assault.

Phil Hoppman

Mr. Hoppman runs a business out of Dallas specializing in unique metallurgy architecture. Growing up poor, he focused on starting a business and building it on his own through hard work. Though not having the same nature of problems in his business as Mr. McMahon has had, with unions, the NLRB and Dept. of Labor, the number of his employees is down from 60-70 to 30-40 because of the poor business environment.

John Taylor of Stanford University has done studies of the relationship between unemployment and business growth over the last 20 years. His study found that unemployment grows inversely to business growth. So when unemployment is higher, business growth goes down. And with all the new regulations for businesses it has become an increasingly difficult environment for those businesses to survive.

He shares Mr. McMahon’s frustration with the regulatory and unemployment situation in America at this time.

Mr. Hoppman “did the math” on Obama’s proposed jobs bill quoted by Mr. McMahon in his article, and tells me the cost per job could even approach the $500,000 mark. With the deficit over $14 trillion this is simply untenable and will cost our children and grandchildren’s future economic vitality.

Writer’s commentary: Let’s hope as both gentlemen above do, that Obama’s “We have to pass it now” Job’s Bill is DOA and doesn’t rise from the dead.

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September 30, 2011 12:51 am

The bad thing about all this government oversight is the agencies are run by incompetent people. We once had an inquiry that that took over 100 hours to comply with. The FEDS lost the information we supplied not once but twice. I mean totally lost . . . no clue what they did with our submission.

Rule 1 with the Feds: Keep good records Rule 2: Send everything by certified mail. Rule 3: You will pay anyway.