Thursday, September 16, 2021
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50% of Americans think like me.

According to Rassmussen, 50% of Americans are less likely to buy a Government Motors car due to the bailout.

Federal bailout funding may have prevented General Motors from going through a normal bankruptcy process, but it has come at a significant price in terms of reputation and potential buyers.

Fifty percent (50%) of American adults are less likely to buy a GM car because of the bailout. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds just four percent (4%) are more likely to buy from the company that critics refer to as Government Motors. Forty-two percent (42%) say the bailout has had no impact on their buying plans one way or the other.

Good. I just wish the percentage was higher. We should not condone what Uncle Sugar did. They favored one competitor over another; they went against the laws of the country to favor their union lackeys over secured creditors; they used my money to prop up a failed business so others who deliberately risked their money would not lose it. I didn’t buy stock or bonds from GM because I didn’t want to. They shouldn’t have used my tax money to do so.

I’ll never buy another Government Motors vehicle, and this is despite the fact that I love that Detroit motor they have in the new Chevys and I’ve driven a Dodge for over 10 years now and have had nothing but the best of success with the Cummins motor they carry. It doesn’t matter. Freedom means more to me than the motor I want. Go Ford.

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