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Enron’s “Global Warming” Scam Survives In 2011

So Enron, the company that created the whole get rich quick scheme of global warming is back in the news. Enron taught their scheme to one Al Gore who has been quite successful at it, and now one of their lower level employees, who didn’t go to jail is running the “climate change” scam with a solar company that was rewarded with 737 million of our tax payer dollars. It wasn’t enough that Solyndra lost 537 million of our tax dollars, oh no, Barack Obama is doubling down on stupid and Chinese borrowed money, that our children and grandchildren will have to pay back with these scams. This Climate Change Scan Company Should Be Out Of Business Right About Election Time

President Obama’s Solyndra scandal drew comparisons to the Enron scandal of the Bush era, but the Department of Energy’s latest $737 million loan guarantee for the solar energy company Tonopah Solar involves a veteran of Enron Corp.

Tom Georgis serves as Senior Vice President of Development for Solar Reserve, the parent company of Tonopah Solar (the Tonopah Solar email address even routes to a Solar Reserve account). According to the Solar Reserve biography for Georgis, he has worked in the energy sector for 20 years, including a stint as “a manager at Enron Corp. where he was responsible for developing and structuring energy asset projects internationally; negotiating and closing over 500 MW of power generation agreements.”

It is interesting to a person like myself who has written many times about Enron and Al Gore and the scam of global warming and the billions Enron had hoped to make before President Bush sent Ken Lay to jail to see the name Enron again in 2011. I knew Al Gore had learned the lessons well as a Senator who took an interest in Enron and Ken Lay and learned at the knee about how to scam the Country but to see another employee of Enron in another company scamming the American public is just nauseating.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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