Obama Goes Tribal: “Put Your Marching Shoes On”


Blatant tribalism. That’s what the Congressiona Black Caucus is about. The CBC is tribal in its thinking and the policies they promote. A big majority of American Blacks follow the leadership of the CBC with tribe-like loyalty. This is an American tragedy and it is about time the majority of Americans understand and admit this. MLK’s dream has been hijacked.

Saturday, a desperate Obama gave a speech at the annual Phoenix Awards Dinner, the “high point” of the 41st Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference. He literally preached to his most loyal followers about his “jobs bill”. Obama said he couldn’t pass it without “you” and he told the CBC “you can’t stop marching.”

““Even when folks are hitting you over the head, you can’t stop marching. Even when they’re turning the hoses on you, you can’t stop,” he said, building into an oratory crescendo that had the crowd cheering him on.

I expect all of you to march with me and press on. Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We are going to press on. We’ve got work to do, CBC.” H/T The Root

Obama also told the CBC about bad crazy and good crazy:

Addressing opposition to the bill, the president assumed a somewhat taunting posture. “The kinds of ideas in this plan, in the past, have been supported by both parties. Suddenly Obama is proposing it — what happened?” he said, looking around in mock confusion. “Y’all used to like to build roads. Right? What happened?”

On his deficit reduction proposal, the president stressed his vision for a new “Buffet Rule” tax law – and played it sharply against Republican proposals to allow the current payroll tax cut for all working Americans to expire. “The reform we’re proposing is based on a simple principle: Middle-class folks should not pay higher tax rates than millionaires and billionaires. That’s not crazy — or it’s good crazy,” said the president.

Obama is asking what’s happened to road building in America? Yep, Mr. Depressed is saying his new jobs bill with all the new spending is opposed because he is black. What other reason could there be? Well. . . . a sane person might say it is opposed because Obama frittered away the first 800 billion he was given. Short version, “We’re broke you damn fool.”

Obama doesn’t care if the country is broke. He wants most of all to get re-elected. So he has told his brothers to get it in gear, get to marching and don’t let anything stand in the way. Obama is suddenly all fired up and real gutsy. Hmmm, it his guts but the tribe’s blood.

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Texas native. Conservative small businessman with 31 years experience. Government should roll back the nanny state. No country can tax its way to prosperity. The question isn't who will let me but who will stop me?

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September 27, 2011 9:39 am

One wonders at the reiliency of the liberal soul, tortured incessantly by the constant dichotomy of US vs. THEM on the one hand and the glories of ‘diversity’ on the other. The one sustaining, underlying theme that keeps them in the game, playing both themes alternately and at the same time, is the commitment to elevate The State, the almighty, glorious State. Civil rights? Bah! Humbug! Peace and tranquility? Pfffffttttt! Individual human dignity and worth? Ah, not so much! Power, power, everlasting power – to The State!

September 27, 2011 1:26 pm

Maxine Waters pointed up the tribal nature of Obama’s appeal in her response to it. Paraphrased, she asked why Obama wasn’t telling Jews, Hispanics, and Gays to shut up and stop whining. She named some of the tribes right there.