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Chickens Roosting Right Here At Home

Bad decisions have consequences.   Why, it seems like only about ten months ago  that conservatives and limited government types were begging the newly-elevated House leadership not to select  RINO, squish, special interest-beholden, liberal elite, clueless, planet-saving types to positions of power and influence in the oversight scheme.  Well, guess what?  Your friendly neighborhood administration lackey press has decided the time is ripe to turn the tables and expose hypocrisy  on our side of the aisle.

The Republican lawmaker leading the charge against an Obama administration loan guarantee program for clean-energy companies wasn’t always so skeptical of government attempts to boost the green economy.

Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., the chairman of House Energy and Commerce Committee, previously lobbied the Department of Energy to lend money for at least four energy projects in his home state through the same loan program.

Now, while even many of our conservative brothers and sisters advise that the federal government invariably will have a role to play in such matters as commerce, regulatory schemes, subsidies and other assistance efforts, one thing they usually are universally opposed to is getting into a strange bed in order to keep the marketplace up and running. So we note for the record that, as USA Today points out, the fellow that Upton, et al, cozied up to was none other than Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, a far left proponent of save-the-planet schemes  (google ‘glucose economy’ if you want a little cockamamie to chortle up your day) who is in good company with the Lisa Jacksons, Carol Browners, Algores and NationalWildlyPeacefulGreenDefenseoftheEarthandSub-Humanity types everywhere. We don’t know yet how compromised Chu and Co. were in the Solyndra scandal, but what we do know is that Fred and friends were ‘friends of the Earth’ for profit before they were against it:

Upton was among a bipartisan group of Michigan lawmakers who praised Chu for “efforts to promote the development of clean energy in Michigan and across the country,” according to a December 2009 letter to the Energy Department that was co-signed by Upton.

That letter was written to bolster the application of four clean-energy companies, Suniva, Inc., United Solar Ovonics, Xtreme Power Solutions and Clairvoyant Energy, seeking 1705 loans.

In ordinary times, we would be bashing biased journalism, because attack pieces like these only come up in the MSM against Republicans and conservatives and only have the purpose of influencing public opinion on policy issues or elections of consequence. In this case, we are congratulating USA Today because they have accurately reported the facts. Their intent may be the usual one, but if we cannot get the truth about  the people representing us, indeed who the people are, really are, that leadership thinks ought to be shepherding legislation and conducting oversight, then we will take it where we can get it.  Note that what is being pointed out here are not ‘youthful indescretions’ or poor choices made 20-30 years ago.  These are overt actions and initiatives Fred and friends made during just the last Congress.

Most of our attention is focused on the presidential election of 2012 these days, but these chickens returning to haunt us in the energy sector should bring us back around full circle to the realization that wresting our Constitution  out of the hands of those who have grabbed it away from us is going to require a closer examination of all the players in this little drama, and not just the presidential aspirants.

Oh, and did we mention that it is almost October in the reign of Speaker Boehner and the  (Fred Upton sponsored) incandescent light bulb ban,  scheduled to take full force and enforceability in January,  is still in effect?



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