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Ms. Warren, If Police, Fire & Teachers Were The Only People Paid By Taxes

This Country wouldn’t be 15T in debt. It is the social compact that people like yourself and Barack Obama have with cronies, and the need to give them millions upon millions, sometimes billions of the taxpayers dollars and the power you hope to achieve by doing so that is so outrageous. It is always amusing to me to listen to people like yourself talk about the poor and starving and yet, as I look across the landscape what do I see. I see connected, white men, getting rich off of the backs of the taxpayer. I hear you all whine about the black community and how unfair it is that they have no real chance at being rich, and I see that those who are getting rich under your time handing out TARP and Barack’s time in the White House are as white as the driven snow.

What is wrong with you all? Do you even realize how many poor and underpaid Americans could have been taken care of with the money you all shoveled to your friends? Of course you do but the problem is, you don’t care about the poor in this Country, whether they be black or white, you all are about the power that can be gained by paying off those rich people you mock everyday. You want to be them and so you mingle with them and you feed off of them and they in turn feed off of you. Rush Limbaugh Has Your Number And So Do The American People

Obama is surrounded by people like this. But what she is saying and the reason these people have to be defeated, is saying is that since the government, quote, unquote, “pays for the basics,” such as roads, that the government thus controls everything. This is why they want their hooks in the school curriculum via the school lunch program. If they can make a claim that they, the government — not the people being the government, but they, the stewards of government — are paying for anything, then they can control everything. So in her mind, and what guides this thinking, there is no escaping government intervention and control if some aspect of the government touches all of us. You are born in a public hospital? The government owns you! That’s an example of this kind of thinking.

If there weren’t a hospital built by the rest of us, you might not have survived childbirth. Therefore, we own you. Therefore, you owe us. And this is the rationale that they use. Now, of course in her example here, a robber baron came along and built a factory and is selfishly capitalizing on everybody else’s labor, none of his own. She forgets that this factory owner and factory builder also paid taxes that built the roads and the infrastructure around, and so did his employees. I think it’s a great thing for everybody to hear. This grand total of maybe 55 seconds of audio is one of the best teaching aids that I, El Rushbo, have ever had the opportunity to share with you throughout the 23-year history of this program. This “social contract” business, too. That’s more Marxist and leftist lingo.

I am going to finish off this dispatch with the white men you all have been shoveling money to in your quest for power, just so anyone who reads it will damn well know, you don’t give a damn about the poor.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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