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Posted by on September 23, 2011 6:00 am
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October is just around the corner. It’s the month of Fall festivals, football, and Halloween. It is also the month designated as breast cancer awareness month. But I don’t wear pink ribbons. I don’t buy Yoplait yogurt with the pink lids. I don’t contribute to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It’s mission is noble – “to save lives and end breast cancer forever”. However, who they contribute to is not noble. They are the opposite of noble. The Susan G. Komen Foundation contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to Planned Parenthood. So, no, I don’t think pink in October.

In response to increased pressure by pro-life groups, Komen trots out the predictable talking points. The funds are allocated “only” for breast cancer screenings. This may be the intent but the same place where women go for a breast screening is typically the same place they go for an abortion. Funds that are donated to Planned Parenthood help to keep the lights on, period. We must dry up all of Planned Parenthood’s sources of income. If we can strip them of their funds, they will cease to exist. No money, no building, no abortion.

The battle of breast cancer will not be won by donating to Planned Parenthood. All Planned Parenthood is authorized to perform is Level 1 breast screenings. The same kind of screening any woman can self-perform in the shower. Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms. That myth has already been debunked. They can only refer to a health clinic that can provide mammograms. In fact, you could intelligently argue that donating to Planned Parenthood is self-defeating because there are studies that show that women who have abortions are at a higher risk of breast cancer. So, why does the Komen Foundation donate to Planned Parenthood? Why wouldn’t they appropriate those hundreds of thousands of dollars to clinics that can actually perform mammograms? Color me suspicious.

Some will say that by refusing to support the Komen Foundation you limit all the other good work they do. So be it. I can take those same dollars that would have gone to the Komen Foundation and donate them to another organization with the same mission. One that doesn’t support Planned Parenthood. One that doesn’t send funds to an institution that aborts 330,000 babies a year.

The spotlight on the connection between the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood has grown brighter and it seems to be having an impact. The foundation donated less and less to Planned Parenthood over the last three years. Grants to Planned Parenthood from the Komen foundation are down 30% from 2008-2010. This is good. We must keep the pressure on. When they stop donating to Planned Parenthood, we pro-lifers can donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation with fervor. Each of us has been touched by breast cancer. We all have a mother, grandmother, aunt, or sister who has been diagnosed with this horrible disease. I want breast cancer to end forever too. I’m just not willing to do it at the price of an unborn baby.

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  1. Queen Hotchibobo September 23rd, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    Precisely. As soon as I found out that SGK financially supported Planned Parenthood I quit all contributions to them as well.

    Here is the chart of PP’s expenditures. They are an abortion mill and nothing else.

    pp services via WZ

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