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In Obama’s America The E-Mail Says “Don’t Use My Name”

I was reading Instapundit when one of his links included follow up commentary from people who had emailed him when I noticed a request from one of his readers. It is always sad and downright un-nerving that more times then not, the information in the email comes with a request to please “don’t use my name”. The unbelievably pathetic left who only make up 21% Of All Americans have created such vitriol, hatred and fear in this Country that people fear speaking their mind, in America. This absolutely cannot continue on, it is truly UN-American to fear speaking your mind on politics. It is through much agitation and many years without attention, from the left that we actually get to this moment in our history, so what to do? There appears there is nothing you can do, because if you don’t agree with the left they will verbally and physically attack you. They are not held to any standards because they have media in their corner. There doesn’t appear to be a behavior that they will expose to America, when it involves the left taking on Republicans. I mean when you have Sarah Palin’s daughter being verbally attacked in a bar and it is so far only on the internet, you can see why they feel emboldened This Has To Stop

Palin unexpectedly found herself in the middle of a heated argument after a heckler yelled “Did you ride Levi like that?“ and ”Your mother’s a whore!” He also goes on to call her mother, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, “the devil.”

In the clip, you’ll see that rather than avoiding the situation, Palin walks over to her heckler and asks that he explain what his issues are with her mother. In a dialogue that Business Insider says “no one comes away…looking very good” in, both parties sound off.

When Palin approaches him, the man says, again, “Your mother’s the f**king devil.” While she does respond to him continuously, she refers to him as “sir,” which is an oddly kind title considering the words he’s throwing her way.

This is just the latest incident, because almost daily you can find a violent act from someone from the leftside of the divide in this Country and yet the media is silent. I have said often, that it is the media in this Country that is the evil that has befallen the USA. If we had an honest media, there is no doubt in my mind that Democrats would never be elected, ever, a majority would be in jail. There is only one way to end this travesty, bordering on a tragedy and that is making the Democrats in Congress and the one in the White House unemployed. In that conservatives are a majority in this Country, let us take back our Country and push these jackasses back to the shadows from where they slithered.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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