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“The IDF’s order is simply illegal.”

No schmitte, Sherlock.

Israeli law allows for the use of deadly force to protect ones property from invaders, rights group legal experts stated. According to a law known as “Dromi’s law” after farmer Shai Dromi, victims of break-ins may fight trespassers without waiting for an outright attack, and are not responsible for ascertaining the criminals’ intentions.

Translated into plain language, the above paragraph describes Israel’s national “castle doctrine” and “stand your ground law”.

“It cannot be that citizens of Judea and Samaria… will not be allowed to defend their property,” she continued. “How can one imagine a situation in which hundreds of Arab rioters could enter a town and do what they like with the houses, the cars and property, with residents unable to defend their property?”

“The IDF’s order is simply illegal,” she concluded.

There’s also the ‘itty-bitty’ matter of one’s God-given right to self-preservation needing no man-granted permission whatsoever.

Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

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What this is all about:

22 September 2011
Lawyers Are Running The IDF

8 September 2011
IDF to all personnel and residents in Judea and Samaria: Stand down on September 20th.

25 August 2011
IDF develops doctrine for accurate sniper fire

28 July 2011
Israel’s Defense Ministry invests NIS 75 million in purchase of non-lethal weapons.

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Liberal leftist suicidal schmucks thinking that being nice to genocidal maniacs will make them be nice to us, are allowing those genocidal maniacs dictate Israeli policy that will get millions of Jews killed – including the liberal leftist suicidal schmucks.

8:00am and I already need to go to the ‘100-yard stress-relief center’.


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