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Obama: “Peace is hard”, mmmkay ?

So is math you Jihadist piece o………

Full video at C-Span — Presidential Remarks At The United Nations General Assembly ; September 21 2011.

Full transcript at

I am convinced that there is no short cut to the end of a conflict that has endured for decades. Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the UN,” Obama said in a speech to the UN General Assembly.

“Ultimately, it is Israelis and Palestinians – not us – who must reach agreement on the issues that divide them: on borders and security; on refugees and Jerusalem.”

Oy vey……… There’s more.

“Faced with this stalemate I put forward a new basis for negotiations,”
Obama said. “Everyone knows that basis.

Israelis must know their future is secure; Palestinians deserve to know the territorial basis for their state.”

Best that you head over to your local vomitorium before reading further.

Peace is hard, but we know that it is possible. Together, let us resolve to see that it is defined by our hopes and not our fears.”

UN boss Ban Ki Moon added:

“In the Middle East, we must break the deadlock. The Palestinians deserve a state. Israel needs security. Both want peace”.

Peace to Israel: Nobody anywhere needing or wanting or having to open fire on anyone for any reason.

Peace to Muslims: Every Jew dead world-wide and Israel destroyed.

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