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Kaiser: “Its Time To Cash In On The Mother Of All Government Handouts”

When Sarah Palin is talking about crony capitalism, it is comments like the above in the title that she speaks of. The richest people in this Country, use their wealth to buy politicians like Barack Hussein Obama and then politicians like Obama give them hundreds of millions, even billions in the case of General Electric of our hard earned tax dollars to blow as they see fit, while leaving this Country in debt for future generations of slaves to the Federal Government. There is nothing different about Barack, there was no hope and the change was just the intersection of Big Business, Big Government and Big Science became a battering ram to America’s piggy bank. Solyndra Investor Is Loving Him Some Big Time Payback From Barack

Frankly I can think of no better condemnation of the corruption and utter futility of the Obama stimulus then the fact that here you have one of the wealthiest philanthropists in America, a man with nearly $10 billion in personal assets, openly stating his intention to grab as much stimulus money as he possibly could, like every other pig at the trough. Is this the proper role of government, to take hard-earned dollars from tax payers (and their children and grandchildren) to fund the vanity projects of multi-billionaires, well-intentioned or not, who just so happen to have the right political connections? The $500 million to Solyndra is only the tip of the iceberg, I’d bet. How many other stimulus deals were greased by Kaiser and others like him?

“OUr selfish goal is to get as much of it as we can (stimulus)”

These people are just pigs, do you realize how many poor and starving children around the world not just America, the money this man has scammed from our Federal Government could have fed? Do not ever tell me again how Democrats are for the little guy, that is a lie!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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