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Defining the GOP ‘reach out’ Blacks shouldn’t need

Instead, Republicans need to reach out to all voters, regardless of race, and aggressively make the economic and, especially the moral case against Democrats and for the GOP.

Since my 2000 conservative epiphany, after 18 years an activist and official of the Democratic Party, I have been adamant in encouraging my grand new party to reach out to Blacks and take the gloves off in defending themselves against Democrats’ false charges of bigotry and lack of concern for the poor.

I still favor all of the above and, inspired by recent Frederick Douglass Society discussions bemoaning the lack of an adequate reach out effort for Black votes (but mostly failing to describe how to so reach out) I want to offer a specific strategy below.

Leave Mob-like reach outs based on envy to the Democrats

But first, can’t we all agree that any voter, regardless of race, with the proper view of the goal of politics and the history of the past 45 years ought not need to be reached out to? By proper view, I mean citizens that understand that we elect chief executives and legislative representatives to enact and execute laws that work for the Common Good in keeping us safe and in maximizing Liberty, with the economic fruits same produces.

After all, at least a plurality of voters experienced Carter/Dem-super-majority malaise and the Reagan Recovery Newt and Clinton continued. Obviously, a majority of voters have been harmed by the policies of the majority Democrat Congress since 2007 and what President Barack Obama’s administration hath wrought over the last three years.

And can’t we also agree that we would not want to reach out to those that view party politics as a way to take from others in order to feather their own group’s nest, use government as a public sector jobs program, or have their envious motives acted out in the public square, except to say to those voters that they should be ashamed of themselves? I think so.

Reach out by refuting the Democrats’ claim to be the Party of the poor and the working man

Amorphous references to the Party of Lincoln’s need to reach out to Blacks due to their “unique culture and history” need to be made specific, especially given not just the abolitionist founding and pro-civil rights history of Republicans culminating in their majority support for the Civil and Voting Rights Acts of the mid-1960s; but also due to their governing history from 1965 through today.

Blacks have fared better, as have all Americans, under conservative and Republican policies. Moreover, given all the years of GOP presidencies and congresses since 1968, shouldn’t perennial Democrat warnings that Republicans will take food and checks from Blacks, widows and orphans fall on deaf ears? Obviously so.

White Southerners were wrong when they submitted to being in Democrats’ hip pockets for over a hundred years. So are Blacks wrong for the last four decades.

I do not believe there has been a good reason for anyone to vote to send Democrats to Washington, D.C. since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, based upon the respective policies of the parties. This White Southerner sees that clearly now, yet I hadn’t the smarts or courage to stop voting “my heritage” until life’s reality mugging lasted 38 years.

White Southerners were stupid to blindly give their votes to Democrats for over 100 years after the Civil War and Blacks have been stuck on that same stupid to the tune of 90% for the past 35-40 years.

Those Stuck on Stupid need to be reached out to and smacked upside the head with the truth

So, with that extremely harsh self-criticism maybe I have often taken liberties in calling out others too harshly? I apologize. My own late-in-life conversion should have also made me more humble in approaching others that have not yet seen the conservative light, or at least the darkness that modern day liberalism and its Democratic Party receptacle had long ago become.

But that even Ronald Reagan, yours truly and every other Dem-to-GOP convert in between, didn’t spring forth from the womb, nor even into young adulthood, with the wisdom of a J.C. Watts, Allen West or Tim Scott, suggests that reach out efforts to inform the economically ignorant and generally misinformed are always in order. This is especially so when the mainstream media, academia and Hollywood flood the culture with unjust demonization of Republicans, who most often shrink from defending themselves except in tepid, apologetic and/or dry Economics 101 terms.

Reach out and expose the moral policy sins of Democrats that hurt the poor and middle class in moral terms

Republicans are regularly described as racists, bigots and callous towards the needy, yet usually only respond that their “honorable” colleagues have a mere “disagreement”.

So, no, there need be no radically different-in-kind reach out to Blacks. But the GOP does need to reach out and smack the Democrats and lying liberal media slanderers upside the head, rhetorically speaking. Maybe the real racially-defined reach out needs to be for Blacks to teach Republicans how to play the dozens when the Dems talk trash about our conservative mamas!

I dare say that, due to the long period of prosperity in America, most voters have simply not been politically astute since no matter which party has been in power, life has been pretty good in America for most until recently. Moreover, the Democratic Party has and remains essentially the “default party” in American politics due to their many years of New Deal Coalition power and the fond memories of FDR and JFK-loving grandmothers.

Many of these voters, seeing no real connection between particular party rule and their own lives (memories having faded since the Carter/Reagan contrast) due to so much divided (and thus unaccountable) government, probably end up voting for feisty Democrats over wimpy Republicans, even when they agree with Republican policies.

Most Americans understand that our current problems are mainly due to the bursting of the housing bubble and the size of the national debt.

So, by all means let us recount recent economic history and point out that there has never been a time in the life of any American voter when the Democrats in Congress or the White House wanted to spend less than their Republican opponents. President George W. Bush spent too much, but was criticized by Democrats at the time he was doing the spending, for spending too little! Moreover, Obama and super-majority Democrats came into office and showed us a level of deficit spending that makes Bush look like a miser.

Let us recount the fact that Democrats in the late 1990s proudly used Fannie Mae to force banks to accept home mortgages from the un-credit-worthy lest they be charged with racist redlining and that they filibustered Republican efforts to stop the housing madness in the 2000s.

Call liars, liars

Let us call out the Bill Clintons in moral terms as insulting Blacks and the legacy of those that fought real racism when he suggests that to require voters to have a picture ID before voting as akin to Jim Crow.  Let us not say that the former president is merely “mistaken” about the “undue” burden such a law puts on Blacks. Bill is not “mistaken”.

He is a liar. Let’s call him a liar in public. Blacks and whites will respect us for refusing to cower to political correctness. They know the truth.

By all means let a massive Grand Old Party reach out revival begin, and let that revival be based on the content of our character in contrast with the Democrats message of skin color envy. The late Martin Luther King Jr., a Republican, would be proud.

[First in a series inspired by, Republicans for Black Empowerment, Frederick Douglass Societies and the message of David Horowitz in his book, “How to Beat Democrats” with moral arguments on behalf of underdogs.] 

Mike DeVine

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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A trial lawyer for two decades in South Carolina; owner of Ati Vista LLC since 2002 now associated with Lupa Law Firm; VP & Counsel for Buddy Allen Roofing & Construction Inc. since 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia; and a freelance writer, DeVine was the conservative voice of the Charlotte Observer from 2006-8 and has been the owner of since 2009.


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  1. It shouldn’t be necessary but unfortunately the media has kept the lie alive that Democrats are for the Black community when you can see from my dispatch on Kiser a white guy and each and every one of those “green” guys are white and rich are taking billions upon billions that just like we middle class Whites, Blacks future generations will be slaves to the Federal government to repay!

  1. It shouldn’t be necessary but unfortunately the media has kept the lie alive that Democrats are for the Black community when you can see from my dispatch on Kiser a white guy and each and every one of those “green” guys are white and rich are taking billions upon billions that just like we middle class Whites, Blacks future generations will be slaves to the Federal government to repay!

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