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The Tea Party and Its Crummy Approval Ratings

So, it is apparent now that the people don’t like the Tea Party. Their approval ratings are actually worse than Dear Leader’s.

Is this a problem for conservatives? Well, it is and it isn’t.

First, it does show a bit of a continuing concern in that the Dinosaur Media still has much more influence than it should, based on its credibility. They spent the entirety of the debt limit showdown explaining to their viewers how destructive the Tea Party is and how we would rather destroy the country than govern it in a reasonable manner. It seems to have had an effect, though the tea partiers I know looked more like this:

They were treated by the media as if they were this:

However, this is not a tragedy for us in terms of electoral results. Since there is no ballot in the nation (at least not one I know of) in which a candidate appears as a member of the Tea Party, the media smears will not attach directly to conservative candidates. Wise conservatives will still refrain from tying themselves too strongly to the term because we won’t win these elections without those uninformed, mushy, vote-with-their-emotions voters who are so easily swayed by the Lame Stream Media, but Democrats can’t run against a party that isn’t on the ballot.

Furthermore, the people who support conservative causes, typically tea party kinds of people, are smart enough that they know they want conservative candidates and they don’t care what the party name on the ballot is. They will vote for the candidate who will stand up for our life, liberty and property rights, regardless of the party name.

Meanwhile, the impetuous for the Tea Party Riots, our contempt for corruption and overreach in government, has not changed.

According to Rasmussen, 64% of us say that Boeing should be allowed to locate their plant in South Carolina, even when told to evaluate it in terms of a plant fleeing a union state to avoid unionization. Amazingly, even 59% of union members say the company should be allowed to locate in SC. That’s liberty and the pursuit of happiness, guys, and Americans still support it.

Likewise, informed people are inflamed at the administration’s ridiculous raid of the Gibson guitar plant. See here, here, here, and here. That was two minutes of searching and there are hundreds more where those came from. Try to find that many supporters of the administration’s actions. (Other than Gibson’s competitors, who are big donors to the Democrats – who would have guessed that?)

So, even though the polls say Americans disapprove of the Tea Parties, Americans still clearly approve of the values tea partiers advocate: Liberty and a Constitutional Republic. Conservatives can still win the next election. The media fails again.

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