Green Energy? Not in Your Lifetime, Buddy.

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I know. That’s harsh, isn’t it? I hate it for you. For years, we’ve heard all these stories about green energy, pixie dust and unicorn farts which are going to power the world, teach it to sing in perfect harmony, and share a Coke and a smile. But it’s a big lie and I’m here to break your heart by explaining it to you because Uncle Sugar is flushing your money down the crapper as fast as he can pull the lever.

Pic via Ace of Spades

The Obama administration gave $535 million of taxpayer money to one of Obama’s major fundraisers in pursuit of Green Energy (actually, they were just in pursuit of a photo op and a little political payback, but the front company was green.) Now they are in the process of sending another $1.2 billion (Yes, that is with a B. We used to think of that as real money) down another rathole. And yes, I’m serious; even as Solyndra blows up in their faces, they are doing it again but bigger. But don’t worry, like most abusive boyfriends, he’s real sorry he bruised you up so bad last time and promises it will be better this time. Pinky swear.

However, it wouldn’t matter if these investments were based on corruption or not (and just in case you wonder, they definitely are) they’re still a stupid waste of money and here’s why:

Right now, with a stroke of the pen, the government can unleash a few trillion cubic feet of natural gas and millions of barrels of oil. We have more energy underground than we can possibly use in the next hundred years, even if we could all afford houses like Al Gore’s non-green mansion.

These carbon based assets are efficient, effective, readily available, and readily convertible into the energy that moves us around and heats our homes. The entire world is already set up to use them at the flip of a switch or turn of a key. The costs of adding these assets to the energy supply chain are extraordinarily minimal. The only thing stopping them is politics and the morons who practice the black art. Until these assets are consumed, nothing will be developed to replace them.

Just consider the unicorn farts and pixie dust. If you were an investor who believed there was a possibility that farts could be harnessed, but the costs of doing so were quite high, is there any chance you would sink your money into the venture? No. No, you wouldn’t because no one willingly and knowingly invests their money where it can be destroyed by politicians. Sensible investors know the rule of the scorpion and politicians are nothing if they’re not scorpions in disguise. Business people today are not going to sink money into a future with no future.

Uncle Sugar can’t confiscate enough tax money to replace carbon energy. We have a $14 trillion dollar economy. That is sufficient resources to change things, but only if it is directed by the invisible hand. Uncle Sugar’s heavy hand will just direct it to the biggest campaign donors. The invisible hand is not going to put anything toward unicorn farts as long as Uncle Sugar is bottling up real, honest to goodness energy sources like coal, oil and natural gas, because the hand is not stupid and it doesn’t tie up money in an enterprise when politicians can make it worthless with a simple little bill.

In other words, the government can destroy the economy and suck its life blood with regulations and restrictions, but it cannot create, harness, or discover the components necessary to make it work. The bureaucrats who try are foolish people wasting taxpayer money and evil people using it for their own enrichment. And you are the one paying the bill.

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Queen Hotchibobo
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Naw, not really, but it sounds more interesting than the real bio, so there you are.

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September 15, 2011 1:07 am

Meanwhile our idiot leftist California Governor wants to blow more money California doesn’t have on the same BS.

Like he never picks up a newspaper.

September 15, 2011 12:53 pm

“Right now, with the stroke of a pen…”. That’s the one thing that gives us hope, that keeps a lot of us out of the pit of despair, QH, is knowing that, with the stroke of a pen, energy can be unleashed which, accompanied by a new era of belief in American exceptionalism, will be a boon to not just our nation, but many others.