My Slightly Different 9-11 Post


I’m not going to call it a commemoration because it’s not. I am a bit different from most people in this. My little brother died in 1987 and I don’t acknowledge the day of his death in any way shape or form. Years of ignoring it means that it frequently passes completely forgotten. On the other hand, I still do something for him for his birthday, even if it’s just taking some flowers to the cemetery. I commemorate his birth, but I refuse to acknowledge the day of his death.

Likewise, the only reason I am willing to acknowledge 9-11 in any way, shape or form is that this war we are in will not end until the Lord’s return. Islam has been at war with nonadherents for 1400 or so years. This is not going to be wiped out on my watch. However, 9-11 was the day we woke up and decided that we weren’t going to lie there any longer and let those murderous thugs destroy our fellow citizens. So we opened one of these.

My radio station is doing something special today. They are asking all their listeners to do something for someone else in a National Day of Service. In that vein, I sent a picture of Ben Franklin (or at least an electronic version of the same) to the Wounded Warriors Fund. I am perfectly willing to commemorate the joy I feel at the knowledge that we have great men of courage and honor willing to lay down their lives for me and mine. These men and others like them have given great sacrifices to give us ten good years with no more attacks as successful as 9-11, though our enemy has tried and tried. That, I honor.

Since we will never have the equivalent of a VJ Day or VE Day for this war, I hereby celebrate our successful fight and the men who have fought it for us with these. God Bless our Soldiers and their families. You make my heart sing.

And for our enemies:

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Queen Hotchibobo
I was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and I grew up in a house on Saginaw Bay. My daddy was a poor, hardworking Saginaw fisherman. Too many times he came home with too little pay.

Naw, not really, but it sounds more interesting than the real bio, so there you are.

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redneck hippie
September 11, 2011 4:23 pm

Here’s what I wrote elsewhere this morning, “Will there come a generation when a youth watches a film and thinks to himself, how may I achieve glory since our nation has thwarted its enemies and none dare attack our soil. (probably a restatement of beating swords into ploughshares, and won’t happen here…angels do not need to seek glory).”

September 11, 2011 5:26 pm

I love your perspective, Queen H. I have to admit though, it was difficult to get past your “can of whoopass” without cracking up.

God Bless our military. They are the BEST.

September 11, 2011 10:55 pm

Loved it. Agree totally.