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Look What The Media Wing Of The Democrat Party Has Wrought: Union Edition

So for the past couple of days, it appears, that the animals that the New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, but mostly MSNBC have created and they did create them have attacked our fellow citizens without severe punishment. I know that the police departments throughout the country are unionized and that is a major mistake because the union scum have been with actual hiding within the press and the slaps on the wrists from their union counterparts in the police departments developed an attitude of a mob.

They took six security guards hostage, that is kidnapping, they should be doing 20 to life, not be back on the streets attacking their buddies in the press When Unions Attack, The President of the United States of America Might As Well Be Attacking With Them, He Put The Biggest Animal Of All Richard Trumka At His Speech Last Night

A member of a Pacific Northwest longshoreman’s union verbally attacked and threatened a news crew that showed up at the union’s local headquarters in Longview, Washington. The confrontation was captured on a video that hit YouTube Friday morning.

“I’m from KGW and I wanted to know if there was anyone here who would want to talk to us about the situation,” a Portland, Ore. television correspondent is seen asking while knocking on the building’s door.

“Actually, if you go down to Miller Avenue, and talk to them dumbasses down there at EGT, they’ll tell you how they’re fucking the Longshoremen around here,” the union member answered from behind the door. “That’s what you can do, so go back to Portland. Bye!”

EGT Development is a contracting company that operates a grain terminal in Longview, Wash., which is at the center of an International Longshore and Warehouse Union work stoppage. The Portland television news crew, from NBC affiliate KGW, proceeded to film papers posted on the building’s exterior wall. That didn’t sit so well with the already clearly upset union member.

I personally want these animals to continue with their barbarity, I want Americans vis a vis the internet to see who the true barbarians at the gate are. The media has allowed this uncontrollable rage from unions to be hidden for decades and now, finally, Americans can see the truth. Michelle Malkin Nails The Bastards (to violent?, to bad!)

Looks like all that Labor Day incitement is paying off.

In Longview, WA last night and into the morning, unionized longshoremen have stormed the port there and taken a half-dozen guards hostage.

I’ll have to update my Top 10 union thug moments of the year.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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