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There Is Nothing Special About Arizona (except the number of deaths)


Gee, isn’t it too bad about what happened out in Arizona with that  “Operation Fast Gunnrunning or Walking Thingy”?  Aren’t we just ‘furious’ about it?  Well, the more we learn, the more clear it becomes that perhaps we haven’t been quite ‘furious’ enough about it all along.  We posted last May about the smell surrounding President Obama’s meet-and-greet with Jim and Sarah Brady, of the Brady Campaign, in which the President hinted to them that his administration was engaged in a stealth gun control effort.  This was after a lot of  the facts surrounding ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘Gunrunner’ had come out and Eric Holder’s Justice Department had begun  engaging in its stonewalling efforts against congressional investigations.

Earlier, we had related the story of the raid on a small Indiana gun shop by 70 agents of the BATF, FBI and police agencies.  That raid was conducted ostensibly at the behest of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana acting in concert with the ATF and the Justice Department and based on ATF investigations.  After a cursory and sensational report on the raid by a few local news outlets, that story faded from the public eye.  The gun shop owner is awaiting trial on charges of selling to ‘straw buyers’.  Who knows what will happen to the guns.

So while all of the main national focus, mostly by blogs and conservative websites since the MSM is loathe to cover covert anti-American operations by the Justice Department, was on the Arizona-Mexico fiasco and of course tragically emphasized by the deaths of border patrol agents, we find today that this story of whatever Obama and Holder have had in mind for  2nd Amendment considerations since they seized power in January of 2009 still has to be played out, and it is still being played out in Indiana.  This story has yet to receive much national play, but it sure does dovetail nicely with the recurring theme we see of ATF/Justice enlisting firearms dealers in undercover stings on  so-called ‘straw-buying’ operations with an intent to  later link criminal firearm-related felonies  to gun-trafficking.

It also indicates the FBI and ATF were once again involved with allowing transactions rejected by NICS to proceed, indicating this practice could be more widespread than has been previously documented, and not confined to Southwest border operations.

What we find disturbing (can common conservatives use the effete liberal Democrat progressive  term “disturbing”?) , at the very least, is that even in the midst of a Congressional investigation, even in the midst of new revelations coming out almost weekly about the scandal and callous disregard for life and limb  of not only Federal Agents but civilians victimized by the guns that ATF has walked, is that not only is this apparent national government campaign to put the pinch on firearms dealers not being rethought, it is an active, ongoing thing. They (the leaders in Washington, DC)  give every indication that they will not be deterred.

The problem that constitutional conservatives, and ordinary traditional Americans generally, have in keeping up to snuff on skullduggery like this is that not only does the national mainstream media not give due diligence in reporting on the scope of the government’s operations, local reportage is influenced by the example and the ideological bent coming off of the coasts, as it has been for decades now.  Were it not for the internet, God only knows how many weapons would have been rounded up and destroyed by now.

See something….say something.



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